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    Cress, Micro-greens, Flowers

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    Nurtured in Norfolk Coriander Micro-leaves (25g)

    Coriander micro cress is one of our most versatile cresses. It can be used as a garnish and flavouring. Also known as Cilantro, this microgreen can be used in both hot and cold savoury preparations. This micro herb is popular on breakfast dishes such as avocado and eggs. It can also be sprinkled atop ?bolder? dishes. For example, a few shoots can be placed atop Asian curries, fish dishes and canapés. Most commonly, Micro Coriander is used within Mexican and Thai cuisines, as well as Chinese and Indian cuisine. Micro Cilantro pairs well with ingredients such as coconut milk, chilli, citrus, ginger and tomato.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Green Basil Micro-leaves (25g)

    Green Basil micro cress is used to add flavour, texture and colour to a range of dishes and canapés. It?s most commonly used as a flavourful and attractive edible garnish. Just like the mature Basil herb, this micro cress works well with classic pairings. For example, pair with tomato and mozzarella. For sweet dishes this microgreen works well with strawberries. Like most microgreens, green basil is intended for raw preparations. This is because it will wilt if exposed to prolonged heat. Micro Green Basil cress works well on classic flavours and dishes such as pizza and pasta, but can also be used to garnish sweet dishes. The delicate leaves can be incorporated into summer fruit salads as well as chocolate and lemon verbena desserts.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Leaf Celery (25g)

    Best suited for savoury dishes, Celery micro cress is intended to be used raw as a garnish. Like lots of our other micro herbs, this is because it will wilt if exposed to high heats. This micro cress can be used alone as a garnish, or it can be mixed with other microgreens to make a flavourful micro salad garnish. You can also garnish sandwiches, stir fries and soups with this microgreen to give a peppery bite. Not only can it be used to garnishes dishes, Micro Celery cress can also be used to dress drinks such as a Bloody Mary. This flavourful micro cress pairs well with fish including tuna and crab, as well as herbs such as Chervil and Parsley.

    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Lemon Balm (20g)

    Lemon Balm micro cress is related to the mint family. It?s a microgreen that can be used on both sweet and savoury dishes. It? the perfect raw garnish for when a mild punch of lemon flavour is desired. For sweet preparations, Micro Lemon Balm can be used to dress desserts, strawberry sorbets, ice creams, Panna Cottas, fruit salads and cocktails. Furthermore, this micro herb pairs well with honey, white chocolate and citrus flavours. For savoury preparations, this micro cress can be used to decorate canapés and seafood dishes. In addition to this, Micro Lemon Balm cress is considered suitable for Asian cuisine when in combination with lamb. Alternatively use this microgreen in sparkling water, for a simple lemony touch.