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    Condiments and Sauces

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    SqueezMe! Tomato Ketchup (100x26ml)

    Squeezy, individual portions of tomato ketchup.

    Heinz English Mustard Sachets (250x7ml)

    Heinz Hot English Mustard Sachets

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup (12x342g)

    Glass bottles.

    Heinz Table Top Tartare Sauce (8x220ml)

    Opaque squeezy plastic bottles.

    Heinz Table Top Hot English Mustard (8x220ml)

    Opaque squeezy plastic bottles.

    Heinz Sauce O Mat Tomato Ketchup (3x2.5ltr)

    Pouch for use in Sauce O Mat dispensers.

    Heinz Sauce O Mat Mayonnaise (3x2.5ltr)

    Pouch for use in Sauce O Mat dispensers.

    Mayonnaise (72x30g)

    Glass jars.

    Spiced Fruit Chutney (2.35kg)

    A mild curried, dark orange chutney, with sultanas, apple, onion, apricot & red pepper.

    Apple Chutney with Real Ale (2.35kg)

    A light brown, fruit chutney, with onions, apples & sultanas.

    Country Tomato Chutney (2.35kg)

    A thick red chutney, full of tomatoes, onions, apples & mustard seeds.

    Tomato Relish (2.35kg)

    A glossy, red chutney, with tomatoes, onions, apples & mustard seeds.

    Stokes Beetroot Relish (2kg)

    Crispy, refreshing shreds of beetroot in a syrupy sauce. Perfect with cold meats. Made in Suffolk using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Fig Relish (2kg)

    A sweet fig relish with a little tartness, brimming with dried figs and made with cider vinegar and molasses. Wonderful with cheese. For a fruity gravy add a generous dollop of Stokes Fig Relish. Made by Stokes in Suffolk.

    Cider & Horseradish Mustard (2kg)

    Stokes Cider and Horseradish Mustard is made with English Cider and wholegrain yellow and black mustard seeds. Layered with flavour, fantastic with steaks, pork and beef. Try adding to dumpling mix to make dumplings perfect with rich beef casseroles. Made by Stokes in Suffolk.

    SqueezMe! HP Brown Sauce (100x26ml)

    Squeezy, individual portions of HP brown sauce.

    Heinz SqueezMe! Mayonnaise (100x26ml)

    Squeezy, individual portions of mayonnaise.

    Real Brown Sauce (12x320g)

    Real brown sauce. Table-top, glass bottles. Made with date puree, black treacle & a unique blend of spices. Made in Suffolk by Stokes, in their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Real Tomato Ketchup (12x300g)

    Real Tomato Ketchup. Table-top, glass bottles. Made from Italian tomatoes & a combination of spices. Rich, colourful & full of taste. Made in Suffolk by Stokes in their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Vegan Mayo Sachets (200x10ml)

    Individual portion pack sachets of Hellmann's branded Vegan mayonnaise.

    Salad Cream Sachets (198x10ml)

    Individual portions pack sachets of salad cream. Hellmann's branded. Made from free range eggs.

    Tiptree Wholegrain Mustard (72x20g)

    Tiptree Wholegrain Mustard (Glass Jar)

    Lion Maple & Bourbon BBQ Sauce (6x1L)

    A heady mix of all things Tennessee; sweet maple, rich bourbon & BBQ smoke. Perfect with pork & beef. Usage: Dip, top, glaze, marinade, use as a recipe ingredient.

    Lion Ranch Dressing (2x2.27L)

    A creamy dressing with buttermilk & herbs.

    Lion Piri Piri Hot Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Made using red birds eye chillies, cayenne pepper, herbs & spices. Use as a condiment or a marinade.

    Lion Chipotle Mayonnaise (6x1L)

    Smoky & aromatic with a chilli kick. Blend of smoked red jalapeno chilli & mayonnaise. Perfect with nachos, fries, wings, tacos, fajitas, burgers & wraps.

    Lion Dijon Mustard (2x2.27L)

    Authentic Dijon mustard. Made using brown mustard seeds from Dijon, vinegar & sea salt.

    Heinz Burger Relish (2x2.15L)

    A classic combination of tomatoes, peppers & tangy gherkins.

    HP Texan BBQ Sauce (2x2.15L)

    Taste notes: Intense hickory wood smoke, sweet, balanced acidity, molasses & spices.

    Salad Cream (2x2.27L)

    A classic salad cream, with a tangy, peppery, punchy flavour and a creamy but pourable consistency.

    Blue Cheese Dressing (2x2.27L)

    Made using chunks of Danish Blue Cheese, the Lion Blue Cheese Dressing has a mild blue cheese flavour with hints of onion & garlic.

    Original Barbecue Sauce Sachets (80x32g)

    Generous Barbecue (Barbeque, BBQ) Sauce sachets. A thick & smoky sauce with a molasses-style sweetness. Use as an accompaniment, a marinade or as a dipping sauce. Made in Suffolk by Stokes at their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Tartare Sauce Sachets (80x32ml)

    Generous Tartare Sauce sachets. A smooth & creamy sauce, jam-packed with coarsely-chopped gherkins & capers. Made in Suffolk by Stokes at their Saucery, using the best ingredients & traditional methods.

    Malt Vinegar Sachets (198x7ml)


    BBE Date: 31/07/2022

    Malt vinegar in sachet portion packs. Hellmann's branded.

    Lemon & Herb Piri Piri Hot Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Lemon and Herb Piri Piri Hot Sauce. Herby and spicy, with a fresh citrus flavour, perfect for a variety of dishes. Marinate chicken, glaze seafood, add to stews for extra flavour, or simply serve as a dip.

    Mango & Lime Piri Piri Hot Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Mango and Lime Piri Piri Hot Sauce is fruity and sweet with a deep chilli punch. Brings an exotic cocktail of flavour to meat, seafood, vegan protein and vegetables. Cook, marinade or serve on the side as a dip.

    Mango Chutney (2x2.6kg)

    Sweet, rich and golden mango chutney.

    Parsley Sauce Mix (3x675g)

    A rich & creamy parsley sauce mix. Powder mix. Bain Marie stable. Makes 5 litres.

    Brown Sauce (6x1L)

    Brown sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Cheezy Nacho Sauce (6x1L)

    Cheezy nacho sauce in a squeezy bottle.

    Burger Sauce (6x1L)

    Burger sauce in a 1 litre squeezy bottle.

    CSBC Vegan Mayonnaise 2.27L (2x2.27L)

    Appearance: A thick, white, glossy spoonable sauce. Flavour: Acidic, oily mayonnaise. Aroma: Vinegary aroma.

    Soy Sauce (6x1L)

    KIKKOMAN Soy Sauce is produced from water, soybeans, wheat and salt through a natural brewing process which consists of enzymatic reactions of specific microorganisms. During the brine fermentation, all of the proteins from soybeans and wheat are completely hydrolysed into amino acids and low molecular peptides through the action of proteolytic enzymes from the Koji-mould produced. In addition, the unique flavours and aromas of KIKKOMAN soy sauce are produced through the fermentation process. The liquid soy sauce is separated from the matured mash by pressing and then pasteurized before filling.

    Mango Lime and Chilli (2x2.25L)

    Mango, Lime and Chilli dressing

    Rich Sauces Ranch Dressing 2 x 2.25L (2x2.25L)

    Flavour: Creamy, garlic and herbs Colour: White with green speckles Texture: Pouring consistency Odour: Garlic and buttermilk

    South Carolina Style Mustard BBQ Sauce (2x2.5L)

    Sweet mustard dipping sauce

    Chipotle BBQ Sauce (2x2.5kg)

    Flavour: Sweet, Smoky & Spicy Colour: Dark Brown Texture: Smooth Pouring Odour: Smoke & Acidic

    Plant Based Sour Cream (3x1.14L)

    Flavour: Like typical sour cream Colour: White Texture: Creamy and thick Odour: Like typical sour cream

    Colman's Fresh Garden Mint Sauce (2x2.25L)

    Fresh garden mint in vinegar. Excellent for side of plate offering & as a cooking ingredient. No MSG added. No artificial flavours. No added artificial preservatives. Yield: 15ml serving = 150 servings per jar.

    Colman's Prawn Cocktail Sauce (2x2.25L)

    Gluten-free Prawn Cocktail Sauce by Colman's is an excellent accompaniment or can be used as a cooking ingredient. No added MSG, no added artificial colours & no artificial flavourings. Yield: 15ml serving = 150 servings per jar.

    Colman's English Mustard Powder (6x454g)

    Fine English mustard powder. Mix with cold water. After mixing, the mustard should stand for 10 minutes to develop full flavour.

    Honey & Mustard Dressing (3x2L)

    Superbly balanced sweetness with a fantastic bite. Not only does the Mellow Yellow Honey & Mustard Dressing taste great, it also has the inherent health benefits from the oil, honey and Aspall Cyder vinegar. Great with salads, it?s also the perfect partner for potatoes, or crunchy, steamed vegetables. Adds a warm twist to classic dishes.

    Classic Vinaigrette Dressing (3x2L)

    Made with Farrington's cold pressed rapeseed oil, Mellow Yellow classic vinaigrette dressing is rich in Omega 3 and ready to complement any salad.

    Sarsons Worcester Sauce (12x150ml)

    Sarson's Rich & Spicy Worcester sauce.

    Tomato Ketchup Sachets (198x10ml)

    Individual portion pack sachets of tomato ketchup. Hellmann's branded.

    Garlic Mayonnaise (2x2.2L)

    Flavour: Raw Fresh Garlic Colour: Off White with Green Speckles Texture: Smooth and Thick Odour: Garlic Aroma

    Brown Sauce (72x28g)

    Individual portion glass jars.

    Sandwich Pickle (4x2.25kg)

    Finely chopped & mixed vegetables, suspended in a sweet brown sauce.

    Kitchen Garden Ploughman's Pickle (2.5kg)


    BBE Date: 31/10/2022

    A speciality pickle made in small batches from top quality ingredients. No artificial additives, thickeners or preservatives. Based in the small town of Stroud on the edge of the Cotswold Hills, Kitchen Garden has been making condiments since 1989. Their team of talented cooks use only the finest ingredients to produce mustard, chutneys & marmalade.

    Fish Sauce (12x725ml)

    Premium quality salted anchovy sauce.

    Superior Light Soy Sauce (12x1L)

    Superfine light soy sauce. Ideal for seasoning soups, meat, fish, salads and rice.

    Liquid Seasoning (6x1L)

    MAGGI® Liquid Seasoning 1kg - Ideal for Casseroles, Soups and So Much More

    Vegan Mayonnaise (4.5ltr)

    All the quality of a luxury Mayonnaise

    Rib and Wing Sauce (2x2.8kg)

    Flavour: Soy, Sweet Herb & Pepper. Colour: Dark Brown. Texture: Smooth Pouring Consistency. Odour: Soy & Molasses

    Ketchup (6 x 1kg)

    Sibylla Ketchup tomato sauce in a handy squeezy bottle. For Sibylla's hot dog concept.

    Sibylla Mustard (6 x 1kg)

    Sibylla mustard in a handy squeezy bottle. For Sibylla's hot dog concept.

    Tomato Chutney (2kg)

    A rich tasting, tomato chutney, packed with tomatoes, onion, apples, raisins and mustard seeds.

    Green Tomato and Apple Chutney 2Kg (2kg)

    A rich dark chutney made with a special blend of spices, Green Tomatoes and Bramley Apples. Stir a dollop into cream cheese for a tasty sandwich filling or add a spoonful to homemade curries for an aromatic twist.

    Piccalilli (4x2.25kg)

    Chopped & mixed vegetables, in a spicy mustard sauce.

    Chargrilled Tomato Chutney (6x1.3kg)

    A thick, red chutney. Full of tomatoes, onions, apples & mustard seed.

    Yogurt and Mint Sauce (6x1L)

    Absolutely Saucesome Yogurt and Mint 6 x 1 Litre Squeezy

    Colman's Wholegrain Mustard (2x2.25L)

    "Medium strength wholegrain mustard, ready to use. Excellent as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings & marinades. No MSG added, no artificial colours, no added artificial preservatives, no artificial flavourings. Yield: 5g serving = 440 servings per jar. "

    Real Mayonnaise (5ltr)

    Flavour: Creamy and rounded Colour: White Texture: Thick and smooth Odour: Vinegar and acidic

    Thick & Chunky Salsa (2x2.2kg)

    A thick deep red chunky salsa with a glossy sheen. Visible 10mm onion dices, with chunks of tomato, red pepper and flecks of Oregano.

    Nacho Cheese Sauce (12x1L)

    A versatile, mildly- spiced cheese sauce made with real cheddar. Macphie's Nacho Cheese Sauce has a vibrant colour & great cling which makes it perfect for sharing platters & dips.
    Ideal for nachos, dirty fries, hot dogs, chicken, waffles & pasta.Simply heat and serve.
    Ready-to-use, consistently high quality. Versatile in application, minimal skill set required.

    Tomato Ketchup (72x28g)

    Individual portion glass jars.

    Mint Sauce (2x2.27L)

    Lion Mint Sauce. Ready to use mint sauce in a plastic tub. Perfect with lamb.

    Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise (5ltr)

    Perfect as an ingredient, filling, topping or accompaniment to meals & salads. Made with pasteurised egg yolks. No MSG added, no artificial colours, no added artificial preservatives.

    HP Sauce Sachets (200x10ml)

    Heinz HP Brown Sauce Sachets.

    Colman's English Mustard (2x2.25L)

    Ready to use, English mustard. Excellent as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings & marinades. No artificial colours. No added artificial preservatives. No artificial flavourings. Yield: 5g serving = 500 servings per jar.

    Colman's Horseradish Sauce (2x2.25L)

    A great addition to steak or pork roasts. Use as an accompaniment or as a cooking ingredient. No MSG & no artificial colours added. Yield: 15g serving = 133 servings per jar.

    Cranberry Sauce (2kg)

    Stokes Cranberry Sauce has a richly intense flavour. Crammed with cranberries, this spoonable sauce has a richly intense flavour. Delicious with turkey but also rather good with soft cheese. Try adding to gravy for a rich flavour. Made in Suffolk.