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    Centaur Foods

    For the best part of twenty years we’ve been supplying an ever expanding range of foods to distributors and manufacturers throughout the UK, Ireland and now Europe. Our product offering reflects current food trends and ingredients associated with any number of national and regional cuisines. Regardless of origin, however, all the ingredients we offer represent the optimum combination of quality, cost and customer appeal. Whether the requirement is for Agar Agar or Za’atar spice blend, Bulgar Wheat or Xanthan Gum, cornichons or vanilla, we make available to our customers a vast array of ingredients. And all Centaur’s products come with full traceability and the reassurance of BRC and ISO certification.

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    Centaur 100% Pure Maple Syrup (12x1.25kg)

    100% Pure maple syrup.

    Centaur Bakespray (12x500ml)

    Vegetable oil in an aerosol spray for easy release & surface oil in baking.

    Centaur Blanched Peanuts (10x1kg)

    Whole and half peanut kernels blanched by steaming.

    Centaur Chilli Bites (8x1kg)

    Small rice crackers with a sweet chilli seasoning.

    Centaur Dried Chickpeas (10x1kg)

    Whole dried chickpeas.

    Centaur Dried Haricot Beans (10x1kg)


    BBE Date: 31/07/2024

    Whole, dried haricot beans. White colour.

    Centaur Duck Fat (6x1kg)

    Rendered duck fat which has been processed above 100C, subjected to a filtration process to minimise high levels of granulose materials.

    Centaur Foods Agar Agar (300g)

    Off white powdered gelling agent; polysaccharide extracted from the cell walls of red algae?s.

    Centaur Foods Fish Sauce (12x690ml)

    Fish Sauce is made by fermented (anjo) fish. The fish are first inlaid in salt, packed together and sealed in barrels for months. By the action of the salt the whole fish liquefies and the moisture that is released from this is made into fish sauce.

    Centaur Foods Gluten Free Soy Sauce (12x500ml)

    Gluten Free Soy Sauce is used for seasoning soups, meat and fish dishes, salads, pasta and rice. It makes them delicious with a fresh colour and perfect aroma. Suitable for Vegetarians.

    Centaur Foods Mirin Seasoning (12x500ml)

    Good to cook the Japanese food.

    Centaur Foods Nori Seaweed (28g)

    Roasted Seaweed green full size 10 sheets.

    Centaur Foods Ras-El-Hanout (12x250g)

    Blend of herbs and spices

    Centaur Foods Sumac (12x250g)

    Ground dark red berries of Rhus coriaria (sumach tree).

    Centaur Foods Tonka Beans (12x250g)

    Collected and dried Tonka beans.

    Centaur Foods Vegetable Fat Puff Pastry Roll (4.25kg)

    Ready rolled vegetable fat puff pastry (rectangular) on a roll with baking paper.

    Centaur Foods Xanthan Gum (300g)

    Xanthan gum is a natural thickener used in sauces and dressings, as well as to enhance the consistency of fat-reduced products. The product can also be added to sodium alginate to thicken during the spherification process.

    Centaur Gluten-Free Large Crumb (10x1kg)

    A dried off white gluten free crumb with a neutral aroma and flavour.

    Centaur Harissa Paste (380g)

    Harissa paste in a tin.

    Centaur Hickory Wood Smoking Chips (5x1kg)

    Wood chips for smoking food.

    Centaur Lilliput Capers (12x400g)

    Small lilliput capers in a mix of water and white wine vinegar.

    Centaur Mugi Miso Paste (12x500g)

    Miso paste is naturally brewed by selected premier soybeans. It's full of deep fragrance and flavour of soybean. It's a good dipping sauce for soup, stew, salted fish.

    Centaur Orzo Pasta (24x500g)

    Italian pasta made from durum wheat semolina.

    Centaur Polenta (10x1kg)

    Yellow milled polenta from French maize.

    Centaur Red Quinoa (10x1kg)

    Red quinoa with a nutty flavour & aroma.

    Centaur Sesame Oil (6x1L)

    Oil can be use like raw material or can be integrated in a process adapted. Don?t use at temperature > 180°C

    Centaur Shiro Miso Paste (12x500g)

    Miso paste is naturally brewed by selected premier soybeans. It's full of deep fragrance and flavour of soybean. It's a good dipping sauce for soup, noodle, stew or other dishes as you like. Recommendation and water use ratio 1:10.

    Centaur Vanilla Extract with Seeds (6x1L)

    Extract of Madagascar vanilla beans.

    Centaur Whole Cloves (12x200g)

    Dried carum carvi linnaeus fruit.

    Centaur Yellow Mustard Seeds (12x250g)

    Whole yellow mustard seeds.