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    The Perfect Fresh Chip – A Prep Trip

    Thinking about frying fresh chips but don’t want the hassle or waste of preparing them in your kitchen? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution. Unlike some Foodservice businesses who buy in their range of prepared produce, we take pride in having full control of the process in our custom-built facility, guaranteeing produce that is consistently great quality. Join us for a trip to discover how we make our 15mm Hand-Cut Chips.

    Our on-site Prepared Fresh Produce Facility, headed up by Damian (shown below), carefully produces a range of five fresh prepared chips. Developed in conjunction with our Head Development Chef, Mike, the chip range has a cut to suit everyone, from steak-cut to chip shop style.

    We choose the variety of potatoes based on their frying properties, we understand that perfect chips start with perfect potatoes. This helps to achieve a chip, that when fried, will cook evenly and result in a golden finish.

    Serving amazing chips will keep your customers coming back for more, whether they are alongside a classic burger, loaded with cheese and bacon, or simply piping hot with a splash of vinegar and a sprinkle of sea salt.

    Our chips are supplied gently vac-packed to help retain their ‘just-cut’ freshness.

    Explore our selection of Fresh Prepared Chips

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