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    Sweet Pies, Tarts, Flans

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    Aulds Delicious Desserts Lemon Panacotta Tart (12ptn)

    Pre-cut. A soft pastry case filled with a baked lemon custard, finished with a sugar dusting.

    Central Foods Apple Gyoza (12x20x20g)

    Japanese-style fruit dumpling (apple).

    Chantilly Patisserie Classical Tarte au Citron (16ptn)

    Sweet pastry tart filled with a rich combination of eggs, fresh lemons & cream, then baked.

    Chantilly Patisserie Millionaires' Chocolate Brownie Tart (14ptn)

    Sweet pastry filled with soft brownie & caramel. Topped with a rich chocolate praline ganache.

    Chantilly Patisserie Morello Cherry Frangipan Tart (16ptn)

    Rich frangipan with cherry compote & whole cherries. Baked & glazed.

    Chantilly Patisserie Plum & Almond Frangipan Tart (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Sweet pastry case with juicy plums and fine frangipan, slow baked and glazed.

    Chantilly Patisserie White Chocolate & Irish Cream Tart (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Silky white chocolate & Irish cream, slow baked with eggs and cream in crisp sweet pastry.

    Chantilly Patisserie White Chocolate & Raspberry Brulee Tart (14ptn)

    Baked sweet pastry filled with white chocolate & whole raspberries, finished with caramel & amaretti topping.

    Chefs' Selections Caramelised Biscuit & Apple Custard Tart (12ptn)

    Pre Portioned into 12. A Frozen Pastry Tart Base with a Layer of Caramelised Biscuit Paste, Apple and Vanilla Custard, Topped with a Sprinkling of Caramelised Biscuit Crumb.

    Chefs' Selections Deep Dish Bramley Apple Pie (14ptn)

    Frozen Sweet Pastry layered with chunks of Bramley Apple and baked golden brown with a Sugar Glaze.

    Chefs' Selections Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie (16ptn)

    Pre-cut. Frozen Chocolate flavoured Pastry filled with a Maple flavour Pecan Pie Filling with Dark Chocolate Chips, topped with toasted Pecan Nuts and Dark Chocolate Chips.

    Mademoiselle Desserts Apricot & Raspberry Frangipane Tart (12ptn)

    Crisp sweet pastry layered with an almond frangipane and apricot halves, decorated with raspberries and finished with a sugar glaze and toasted almonds.

    Perfectly Baked Vegan Fine Apple Tart (4x12ptn)

    Shortcrust pastry base with apple filling and apple slices, sprinkled with sugar-cinnamon-mix. Covered with cake glaze and decorated with roasted and sliced almonds. Frozen and pre-cut in to 12 slices. Plant-based and Vegan.

    Pomone Normandy Apple Tart (3x10ptn)

    Deliciously sweet pastry filled with Normand cream and topped with arranged apple wedges. Pomone Normand Apple Tart is fully baked, glazed, frozen and cut per 10.

    We recommend serving the Pomone Normand Apple Tart warm with crème fraîche or custard.

    Pomone Tarte au Citron (3x10ptn)

    Pre-cut. Shortcrust pastry base with a tart lemon cream filling. Baked & glazed.

    Roberts Country Fayre Belgium Apple Lattice Pie (10ptn)

    Pre-cut. Sliced Apple bound in fruit syrup with sultanas and cinnamon, encased in a sweet sugar pastry with Lattice lid and Apricot Glaze.

    Sidoli Banoffee Cream Pie (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Digestive biscuit base with layers of toffee flavour mousse, banana flavour mousse, chocolate sauce ripples, & dark chocolate flavour mousse rosettes. Topped with caramel flavour chocolate pieces & chocolate flavour glaze.

    Sidoli Banoffee Pie (12ptn)

    Pre-cut. A round digestive biscuit case filled with a banana flavour toffee fudge, banana pieces and a layer of cold set cheesecake. Finished with a sprinkling of salted caramel crispies, biscuit crumb and a feathering of banana flavour toffee fudge.

    Sidoli Big Bramley Apple Pie (14ptn)

    Sweet shortcrust pastry case filled with sliced Bramley apples with a lightly glazed flat top, sprinkled with sweet dusting.

    Sidoli Lemon Meringue Pie (12ptn)

    Pre-cut. Sweet pastry case with a lemon filling, topped with peaks of piped meringue.

    Sidoli Tart au Citron (12ptn)

    Pre-cut. Buttery pastry base with a layer of lemon filling, finished with a sprinkling of sweet dusting.

    Sidoli Toffee Flavour Crunch Pie (14ptn)

    A chocolate pastry case filled with caramel glaze, chocolate and honeycomb pieces and toffee flavour mousse. Decorated with a sprinkling of chocolate and honeycomb pieces, chocolate coated butter crocant pieces, feathered with chocolate flavour glaze. This frozen pie is pre-portioned into 14 portions.

    Sidoli Vegan & Gluten Free Trillionaire Tart (14ptn)

    A round vegan chocolate pastry case filled with a layer of vegan toffee sauce and a vegan chocolate style ganache topping. The product is then finished with a gold splash effect in varying proportions. This gateau is cut into 14 portions and packed 1 gateau per outer.

    Sidoli Vegan Caramel Apple Betty (14ptn)

    Pre-cut. A pastry case with an apple fruit filling, topped with sweet caramel.

    Sweet Street Bourbon Street Pecan Pie (4x14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Mammoth toasted pecan halves in an intoxicating filling laced with Kentucky Bourbon.

    Sweet Street Key Lime Pie (4x14ptn)

    Pre-cut. Tiny Florida Key limes produce a tart, refreshing flavour in a granola?d crust. Finished with whipped cream.

    Sweet Street Reese's® Peanut Butter Pie (4x14ptn)

    Pre-cut. The popular candy bar in a pie. Dark chocolate & peanut butter mousse full of Reese?s® Peanut Butter Cups.