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Simple Swaps - Fresh Pasta

Making pasta is not only time-consuming, it requires space in the kitchen, not ideal when space is tight due to social distancing. Reducing direct hand contact with ingredients can be a good idea during the current situation. Understandably, true pasta enthusiasts will be unhappy about replacing their lovingly made creations with a seemingly 'ready-made' alternative; the good news is that we have a credible solution.

Founded in 1980, in the Italian region of Romagna, Surgital remain a family run company. Experts in pasta making, they have four generations of experience & a passion for creativity & quality. Made using traditional recipes and frozen for ultimate freshness, the pasta is incredible.

When footfall is uncertain, frozen options reduce waste and related costs. The pasta cooks in minutes from frozen, speeding up time in the kitchen, perfect at a time when you may be facing reduced team numbers. Filled options cuh as Tortelli require only a little finishing touches, allowing you to create high quality starters or mains without hassle.

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