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    Say hello to your one-stop solution to Natasha’s Law compliance

    LabelLogic Live

    Expert labelling and packaging provider, Planglow, is Pilgrim Foodservice’s labelling solution of choice to help their customers meet Natasha’s Law. Planglow’s multi-award-winning labelling app, LabelLogic Live, and their specifically designed food labels are recommended to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

    With Natasha’s Law coming into force from 1st October, you must have an effective and reliable solution in place. If you offer food or drink pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS), then you’ll need to include a full ingredient declaration on the pack with allergens highlighted, most commonly in bold. That’s where Planglow’s specifically designed labels and labelling software come in to give you peace of mind and protect your customers and your business.


    What is Planglow’s solution, and how will it help your business?

    With LabelLogic Live, caterers can create and print their own branded food labels - including basic product information, barcodes, Q.U.I.D.S, nutritional data, Reference Intakes, and allergen information.

    Planglow has teamed up with food data specialist Erudus offering food business’s direct access to thousands of branded products, which may be added directly to their food and drink labelling. This includes data sets from Pilgrim Foodservice as well as the full ingredient declarations and nutritional breakdowns for 42,000 branded products from 800 manufacturers.

    As Pilgrim Foodservice uses Erudus, all customers can benefit from accessing their data set through LabelLogic Live. This integration offers a direct route for automatically adding ingredients purchased from Pilgrim Foodservice to your business’s labelling.

    Say farewell to entering ingredient and nutritional data manually from a spec sheet. Instead, simply type the product code into LabelLogic Live and enjoy accurate, up to date product information at the click of a button!

    LabelLogic Live offers seamless data management, thanks to automatic syncing; your labels will always be accurate, always up to date, and always legally compliant.

    How can you start using LabelLogic Live?

    It’s easy to get started with LabelLogic Live. All you need is a box of labels and a subscription to the cost-effective software, priced at just £120 per year or £13 per month.

    Hardware costs are not a concern; the app is accessible via any internet-connected device (laptop, mobile phone, computer, etc). An added benefit is that you can easily print your labels using a standard home or office printer.

    Watch Planglow’s Natasha’s Law Masterclass featuring Erudus and the Food Standards Agency, and see how the LabelLogic Live app can help your business get compliant.

    Are you ready for Natasha’s Law?

    Time is running out to meet the 1st October deadline for Natasha’s Law, so don’t delay and get in touch with Planglow to find out how to get compliant.

    Find out more:

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