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Aero Instant Hot Chocolate (2x2kg)

Mix with water.

Arborio Risotto Rice (2x5kg)

100% Arborio rice.

Beef Bouillon Paste (2x1kg)

Beef bouillon in a paste format. Bain marie stable. No MSG added. No artificial colours. No added artificial preservatives. Meets DH 2012 salt targets.

Bengali Style Spiced Breaded Prawns (6x450g)

King prawns in a spicy breadcrumb coating.

Bourbon Vanilla Flavour Ice Cream (6x4L)

Bourbon vanilla flavoured dairy ice cream.

Breaded Butterfly King Prawns (10x500g)

Raw, peeled, tail-on, butterfly prawns coated in a light, crispy breadcrumb. 21/25lb.

Breaded Chicken Goujons (2x1kg)

Cooked, breaded, chicken inner fillets.

Breaded Halloumi Fries (6x1kg)

Sticks of Halloumi in a batter & breadcrumb coating.

Breaded Whitebait (18x450g)

Breaded whitebait in a crisp, golden crumb.

Broccoli Florets (4x2.5kg)

Frozen broccoli florets

Buttery Spread (6x2kg)

Vegetable fat spread (54%) with buttermilk.

Cashew Nuts (6x1kg)

Our cashew nuts are creamy, buttery and nutty in flavour. Try adding to curries, cakes and bread for added crunch. They work particularly well when added to banana bread or mixed into a nut roast.

Cauliflower Florets (4x2.5kg)

Frozen cauliflower florets

Chicken Bouillon Paste (2x1kg)

Chicken bouillon in a paste format. Bain marie stable. No MSG added. No artificial colours. No added artificial preservatives. Meets DH 2012 salt targets

Classic Vinaigrette Dressing (3x2L)

Made with Farrington's cold pressed rapeseed oil, Mellow Yellow classic vinaigrette dressing is rich in Omega 3 and ready to complement any salad.

Cocoa Powder (reduced fat) (6x1kg)

Reduced fat cocoa powder.

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (4x5L)

Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is produced at the family farm in Northamptonshire, it is grown to LEAF marque standards. Brilliantly versatile in the kitchen, with a high smoke point of around 230?C, Rich in Omega 3. It can be used for roasting & stir-frying as well as dressings, fish & pestos. Its subtle nutty taste allows the flavour of foods to come through. It is also an ideal & healthy substitute to margarine when baking cakes, puddings & biscuits.

Colman's English Mustard (2x2.25L)

Ready to use, English mustard. Excellent as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings & marinades. No artificial colours. No added artificial preservatives. No artificial flavourings. Yield: 5g serving = 500 servings per jar.

Colman's Horseradish Sauce (2x2.25L)

A great addition to steak or pork roasts. Use as an accompaniment or as a cooking ingredient. No MSG & no artificial colours added. Yield: 15g serving = 133 servings per jar.

Colman's Prawn Cocktail Sauce (2x2.25L)

Gluten-free Prawn Cocktail Sauce by Colman's is an excellent accompaniment or can be used as a cooking ingredient. No added MSG, no added artificial colours & no artificial flavourings. Yield: 15ml serving = 150 servings per jar.

Colman's Tartare Sauce (2x2.25L)

Use as an accompaniment or as a cooking ingredient. Gherkins & capers bring the distinctive tartare sauce flavour to Colman's Tartare Sauce. Enhance your fish, fried shrimp or fish & chips meal. No added MSG, no added artificial colours & no artificial flavourings.

Colman's Wholegrain Mustard (2x2.25L)

"Medium strength wholegrain mustard, ready to use. Excellent as an ingredient in sauces, salad dressings & marinades. No MSG added, no artificial colours, no added artificial preservatives, no artificial flavourings. Yield: 5g serving = 440 servings per jar. "

Cranberries (5x1kg)


Currants (4x3kg)

Currants are dried, black seedless grapes with an intense flavour. They are often used for scones, buns, cakes or puddings.

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans (10x500g)

Silky & smooth bodied, blonde caramel sweetness and a clean finish.

Deep Dish Bramley Apple Pie (6x14ptn)

Baked. Bramley apple pie with hand crimped shortcrust pastry.

Dessiccated Coconut (6x1kg)

Buchanans' fine desiccated coconut is a versatile form of pure coconut, which can be added to wide variety of recipes, both sweet and savoury. It also makes a pretty and tasty garnish for both cakes and biscuits.

Double Chocolate Ice Cream (6x4L)

Double chocolate dairy ice cream with chocolate chunks.

Dried Apricots (4x3kg)

Dried soft Apricots.Characteristic orange/yellow appearance.Sweet with some sharpness and fruity flavour.Firm with body not tough or soggy

Dried Mixed Fruit (4x3kg)

Mixed fruit is a delicious blend of juicy sultanas and candied citrus peels. It can be used in bakery recipes to add tangy sweetness to cakes, breads, buns and tray bakes.

Drinking Chocolate (reduced fat) (6x2kg)

Fat reduced drinking chocolate. Add milk.

Earl Grey Tea Bags (6x50)

Tea with the fragrant flavours of bergamot & lemon.

English Breakfast Tea Bags (6x50)

Golden & well rounded tea.

Extra Large Cold Water Prawns (5x2kg)

Cooked & peeled cold water prawns.

Flaked Almonds (6x1kg)

Naturally moist and flavoursome our Flaked Almonds are suitable for cake decorations and dessert topping. A great addition to your home-made muesli or snack mixes, in confectionery and much more.

Flourless Chocolate Torte (2x16ptn)

Made with a blend of four chocolates & finished with a ganache topping,

Ground Almonds (6x1kg)

Ground almonds have a lovely nutty flavour whilst having a high calcium content. Sometimes known as almond meal, ground almonds are particularly popular with customers on gluten-free diets.

Haddock, Leek & Cheddar Fishcakes (4x1kg)

Gourmet mini fishcakes made with a blend of smoked haddock, potato, leek & mature cheddar cheese, rolled in natural breadcrumbs.

We recommend serving the Innovate Foods Haddock, Leek & Cheddar Fishcakes on a bed of sautéed leeks or part of a combination platter.

Hills Biscuits Pink Wafers (12x100g)

Pink sandwich wafers with a cream filling.

Honey & Mustard Dressing (3x2L)

Superbly balanced sweetness with a fantastic bite. Not only does the Mellow Yellow Honey & Mustard Dressing taste great, it also has the inherent health benefits from the oil, honey and Aspall Cyder vinegar. Great with salads, it?s also the perfect partner for potatoes, or crunchy, steamed vegetables. Adds a warm twist to classic dishes.

Horseradish Sauce (2x2.27L)

A creamy white horseradish sauce with shreds of horseradish root for an earthy hot flavour.

Hot 'n' Spicy Creel Prawns (5x450g)

Premium prawns marinated in herbs & spices, coated in crispy breadcrumbs.

Large Cold Water Prawns (5x2kg)

Cooked & peeled cold water prawns.

Lemon & Ginger Infusion Tea Bags (12x20)

Citrus & spice & all things nice.

Maggi Béchamel Sauce (2x2kg)

Dehydrated Béchamel sauce.

Maggi Beef Bouillon (GF) (2x2kg)

Powder bouillon.

Maggi Chicken Bouillon (GF) (2x2kg)

Powder bouillon.

Maggi Chicken Soup (2x2kg)

Dehydrated powder soup.

Maggi Country Vegetable Soup (2x2kg)

Dehydrated powder soup.

Maggi Golden Gravy Mix (2x2kg)

Dehydrated golden gravy mix.

Maggi Original Gravy Mix (2x1.8kg)

Rich & meaty in flavour with a smooth glossy finish. Quick & easy to use.

Maggi Vegetable Bouillon (GF) (2x2kg)

Powder bouillon.

Maggi Vegetarian Gravy Mix (GF) (2x1.7kg)

Dehydrated gluten free Vegetarian gravy mix.

Meadowland Culinary Double (12x1L)

Use straight from the pack like dairy cream. A blend of buttermilk & vegetable oils. Bain marie stable.

Medium Cold Water Prawns (5x2kg)

Cooked & peeled cold water prawns.

Mincemeat (4x3kg)


Mixed Vegetables (4x2.5kg)

Diced carrots, peas, broad beans, cut beans & sweetcorn.

Molten Chocolate Cake (4x9)

Moist dark chocolate cake enrobed with dark chocolate & filled with a dark chocolate truffle that melts out when heated. Serve while warm to unleash the satisfying rush of molten chocolate. Perfect for an individual serving or to share.

We recommend serving the Sweet Street Desserts Molten Chocolate Cake with either real-dairy ice cream or vanilla infused cream.

Monin Caramel Syrup (4x1L)

One of the most popular & versatile flavours in the Monin range. his golden amber coloured syrup can be used to create sweet coffees, tea, chocolates, comforting dessert cocktails, vodka shots or simply drizzled over ice cream. Plastic bottle.

Monin Gingerbread Syrup (4x1L)

Presents a perfectly balanced blend of ginger & cinnamon for a true gingerbread taste. Warming in the winter, it can also be enjoyed year-round in milkshakes or iced & frozen coffees. Plastic bottle.

Monin Hazelnut Syrup (4x1L)

One of the top three speciality coffee flavours, hazelnut delivers the fresh taste & aroma of hazelnut with a touch of almond & vanilla. Use to enhance coffee, chocolate & milk drinks. Plastic bottle.

Monin Strawberry Syrup (4x1L)

One of the first fruit flavours developed in the syrup range. Add to sodas, milkshakes, fruit cocktails , lemonades & dessert drinks. To create a Strawberry Diabolo, add strawberry syrup to water, green mint & lemonade. Plastic bottle.

Monin Vanilla Syrup (4x1L)

One of the top three coffee flavours. Based on only the finest pure vanilla extract from Madagascar, vanilla syrup has an exquisite, premium flavour. One of the most versatile syrup flavours, enhancing almost any drink including coffees, hot chocolates, dessert drinks & cocktails. Plastic bottle.

Monin Yellow Banana Syrup (4x1L)

Add the strong ripe banana nose & velvety sweet banana flambé taste to create an endless array of cocktails, dessert drinks, smoothies, coffees, chocolates, flavoured milk drinks & fruit punches. Plastic bottle.

Nescafé Azera Americano (3x500g)

Soluble coffee with finely ground roasted coffee.

Nescafé Gold Blend Granules (6x750g)

Well-rounded, smooth coffee with a rich aroma.

Nescafé Original Coffee Granules (6x750g)

The unmistakeable full-flavour of Nescafé Original is what makes it the nation's favourite coffee.

Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil (3x2L)

Traditionally oak smoked for 48 hours, Farrington's Mellow Yellow Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil creates a rich & complex flavour that's great for adding a smoky depth to any dish.

Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix (2x2.5kg)

Dry sage & onion stuffing mix. 250 servings. Low fat & low sugar. No artificial colours or preservatives.

Pitted Dates (4x3kg)

A highly versatile natural sweetener for cakes, bakes, porridge and puddings. Useful for adding moisture and sweetness to gluten free baking with the stones/pits removed to make life easier!

Pitted Prunes (4x3kg)

Whole pitted sorbated prunes. They are a brownish to black colour with an oval to round shape. Sweet and fruity flavour with a soft and chewy texture. The stones removed for extra convenience and enjoyment.

Premium Rainforest Alliance Coffee (6x1kg)

Full bodied with milk chocolate sweetness and a nutty finish.

Pure Green Tea Tea Bags (12x20)

Pure green tea.

Pure Peppermint Tea Bags (12x20)

Herbal peppermint infusion. Naturally caffeine free with all natural ingredients.

Raisins (4x3kg)

Raisins are packed with natural fruit sugars and are a great source of energy. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals.

Raspberry & White Choc Brulee (2x14ptn)

Silken smooth yet refreshingly light white chocolate cheesecake filling, swirled with vibrant red raspberry. Each Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake is hand-fired & glazed for a simple yet elegant finish.

We recommend serving the Sweet Street Desserts Raspberry & White Chocolate Brulee Cheesecake with fresh raspberries and coulis.

Red Cooking Wine (4x3L)

5% ABV.

Red Glace Cherries (6x1kg)

Rich in colour, juicy and delicious our cherries will add moisture and definition to cakes and biscuits.