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    Profiteroles, Waffles, Pancakes

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    Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce (4x500g)

    Award-winning Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce from Chefs' Selection. Choux pastry filled with a sweetened dairy cream filling. Each bag is supplied with a separate serving of rich chocolate sauce.

    We recommend serving 5 Chefs' Selections Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce for a single portion or 8 with fresh fruit if sharing.

    Buttermilk Pancakes (36x3)

    Pancakes made with Irish buttermilk

    Vegan Belgian Waffle (20x90g)

    Vegan Recipe Sugar Belgian Waffles ( microwaveable ), in a flow-wrap

    Belgian Sugared Waffles (individually wrapped) (20 x 85g)

    Frozen and individually wrapped. Authentic Belgian sugared waffles. This versatile sweet treat can be eaten hot or cold and is ideal for on-the-go outlets. Each individually wrapped pack is 85g and there are 20 packs in the box. Our sugared waffles taste great with toppings and are popular as a breakfast option or a dessert. Ingredients and allergens printed on each waffle wrapping.

    American Style Pancakes (120)

    Pancakes with a fluffy sponge texture.