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    Why buy Prepared Produce?

    Why Buy Prepared Produce?

    Save time and labour with our prepared produce. From carrots to cauliflower, parsnips to potatoes, Damian and the produce preparation team have been hard at work, Peeling, cutting and chopping so you don't have to. Our range consists of high quality and responsibly sourced produce, so you can be assured that you will only receive top quality products from Pilgrim Fresh Produce.

    Save Time

    It's easy to overlook how much labour is involved in washing, peeling, trimming and chopping vegetables and potatoes. If you are facing staff shortages, buying prepared produce from our state of the art facility can be a brilliant solution.

    Reduce Waste

    Preparing your own fresh produce undoubtedly creates waste - not just peelings, but off-cuts and mistakes too! Achieving evenly sized carrot batons 100% of the time, is pretty much impossible (that is why we have special machines to cut ours!) and for every perfectly sized baton, you end up with another that is too small / too big / too wonky etc. With our prepared vegetables and potatoes, you get consistent sizes, 100% yield and no waste.

    More Hygienic

    Considering the majority are grown in soil, it isn't suprising that potatoes and vegetables can be grubby. Introducing this in to your clean kitchen can be problematic, especially if space is tight and can lead to cross-contamination. Buying prepared means you avoid the issue of dirt entirely.

    Easier to Cost

    Our specialist fresh produce preparation facility is kitted out with a wide array of equpiment to ensure maximum efficiency. This means you will get a consistent product 100% yield, making it is simple to cost the produce on your menus.

    More Variety

    The range was established in conjunction with our Development Chef who created a solution to save time and food waste in the kitchen without compromising on quality.

    Specially Selected Varieties

    We carefully select the varieties of our potatoes and vegetables as their properties affect their suitability for different applications. To ensure optimum performance, we regularly test in the kitchen, monitoring throughout the seasons. Our quartered potatoes for example, will crisp up well, stay fluffy in the centre and have good flavour.

    Portion Guide

    Don’t be mean with your vegetables, providing a miserly amount may result in a disrupted service if customers complain or demand extra portions.

    As a guide, we suggest the following quantities (based on raw product weights).

    Selection of 3 Vegetables - Allow 80g of each type of vegetable per person.

    Selection of 4 Vegetables - Allow 60g of each type of vegetable per person.

    Explore our range of fresh prepared produce clicking here 

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