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Today sees the new launch of the addition of allergens, ingredients, suitability, cooking and handling data on This significant new development enables our customers to access detailed product data, quickly and easily.

The new feature allows our customers to speedily answer questions from diners about the ingredients in their food including checking against the main 14 allergens. Identifying suitability for certain diets or lifestyles is simple as the data clearly states areas such as ‘suitable for Vegans’.

Planning menus is much simpler with this information, vital for creating dishes to appeal to a broad range of consumers with varying dietary requirements. Inclusion of cooking times and methods is a fantastic asset, especially for customers with limited facilities or time constraints. Cooking and handling guides help ensure food is perfectly and efficiently prepared.

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Pilgrims on line ordering system has been great and easy to use. With further development like order history etc im sure this platform will go from strengh to strengh. Highly recomended . kind regards from the Head chef The ship Hotel brancaster Norfolk.