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    Perfect Pate

    Perfect Pate Starters for your Christmas menus

    Introducing three deliciously seasonal new additions to our range of Patchwork Pâté; Mackerel, Duck and Vegan Mushroom. Pâté is always a popular starter choice and these new options help save time in the kitchen. Founded in Wales by Margaret Carter, Patchwork started selling their home-made pâté in 1982. Today, the pâté is hand-made in small batches, with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives, to Margaret's original recipes.

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    Duck Liver Pâté with Apricots & Apricot Brandy

    This rich Duck Liver Pate is made using British free range duck liver. The soft apricots and apricot brandy add a wonderful sweetness to the rich duck flavour.  Supplied frozen, in handy piping-bags, the Pâté is really easy to pipe in to ramekins, canapé cases or directly on to plates. Each case contains 3 x 500g piping bags. Our Development Chef, Mike recommends a portion size of approximately 75g. Each piping bag yields more than 6 x 75g portions (20 x 75g portions approx. in the whole 3 x 500g case).

    Mike’s favourite way of presenting the Pâté is piping in to a ramekin and topping with melted butter before chilling. To achieve an even surface, Mike used a butter knife dipped in hot water to smooth the Pâté.

    Delifrances Multi-Cereal Bloomers work well with pâté, rustic and part-baked, they give you the flavour and aroma of freshly baked bread without the hassle. At their Saucery in Suffolk, Stokes make a superbly dark, sweet and rich Red Onion Marmalade. The tangy sweetness is a welcome accompaniment to rich pâté.

    Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime

    The Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime also comes in a handy piping bag and can be served up in an instant. The mackerel is mixed with shards of pepper and zesty lime resulting in a rich flavoursome option for your menu.

    Mike recommends pairing with Stokes Beetroot Relish and some simple garnish. We thinly sliced Bridor's handy Gluten Free Roll with Poppy Seed Toppings as an accompaniment. Supplied part-baked and individually wrapped, they have been designed to be baked in their wrapper to avoid cross contamination. The rolls are also available with a millet seed topping and provide an innovative solution to catering for customers who can’t have gluten.

    Vegan Brown Lentil with Mushroom & Garlic Pâté

    This creamy and satisfying Brown Lentil with Mushroom & Garlic Pate will appeal to Vegans, Vegetarians and mushroom lovers too! Presented in a 450g block, this can be sliced in to your preferred shape or put in to a ramekin.

    A simple slice can be spruced up with some micro-herbs in an instant. Mike plated the pâté with Delifrances Olive and Oregano Bloomer and the Red Onion Marmalade from Stokes. The olive pieces distributed throughout the Delifrance bloomer provide interest and flavour, with the oregano creating a delicious aroma when the bread is baked.

    All products used can be purchased using the links below:

    Patchwork Duck Liver Pate

    Delifrance Multi-Cereal Bloomer

    Stokes Red Onion Marmalade

    Patchwork Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime

    Stokes Beetroot Relish

    Bridor Gluten Free Roll with Poppy Seed Toppings

    Patchwork Brown Lentil with Mushroom & Garlic Pate

    Delifrance Olive and Oregano Bloomer

    All crockery and plates were provided by DPS. Speak to your sales represantative for more information on the range.

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