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    New Season Chips

    The new season of potatoes has officially arrived! Our head of prep Damian took our first delivery of the new season of potatoes last week.

    The new season of potatoes comes from our long-time supplier Caythorpe Farmers. The potatoes are all sourced from local, Lincolnshire farms with the most recent batch coming from Needham farm near Sleaford. The Needhams began farming in 1947 and have passed knowledge down through generations. Rob Needham started growing potatoes again in 1985 on the home farm, after a 10-year break, and retains many traditional methods to prevent and minimize the use of pesticides.

    We are currently using Sagitta potatoes. Sagitta is now the preferred choice amongst farmers, chip shop owners, and consumers, overtaking the long-standing Marris Piper. The Sagitta is taking the top spot for chips as they are proving a more consistent potato with less bruising. They are also more slug resistant and have a more consistent level of dry matter. The reliability of these potatoes means better yields and a more consistent end product.

    We also carried out a fry test to ensure the new tates are up to scratch. Not that we need a reason to eat chips at work!

    The frying test proved successful as expected. The chips came out a perfect golden brown colour and are light and fluffy on the inside.

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