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Menu Simplification

Guidelines have mentioned replacing existing menus with disposable versions, but little has been said about structuring menus to cope with the new challenges.

As food businesses begin to reopen, they are facing the challenge of how to operate profitably within the new guidelines. Reduced seating, less staff and new time-consuming processes are just a few of the worries we hear from our customers.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you to achieve menu changes.

Refined offering - essentially this is a huge time saver both front and back of house. Less choice means quicker customer orders and less complication in the kitchen means a quicker turnaround getting food to the customer.

Stock control - in addition to speed, a simplified and smaller menu enables stock to be managed more easily to help reduce losing profit through food waste.

Profit - menus should feature the dishes that offer the best profit margins. We also recommend dishes that can be prepared quickly or dishes that can be prepared in advance and held (curries and pies for example).

Allergens still need to be considered, less menu options simplifies allergen records, saving time on admin as well allowing a quick response to customer questions. Accessing allergen details on our online Erudus system is easy and speedy.

A smaller menu is easier and cheaper to print if you choose to have disposables.

Our team are ready to help simplify your menus to help deliver efficiencies, please get in touch to book an appointment - 01205 312700.

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