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    Meet The Puppers Of Pilgrim

    As an introduction to the new flavours of frozen dog yoghurts by Frozzys, we arranged for some samples to be given out around the office. Our pups were lucky to be the first to try out these new flavours and it is fair to say that they received some pawsitive feedbark...

    With the weather heating up, a frozen yoghurt can be the prefect treat to have on hand for any dog friendly establishments. Not only do the dogs love them, the frozen nature of the Frozzys means you can store them in the freezer and simply open them up ready to go as soon as one is ordered.

    Frozzys can be a great way of calming down any noisy or disgruntled furry patrons too! Because of the way they are served, the frozen yoghurts do a great job of occupying your canine visitors as they tuck in.

    Order yours now from our range of Frozzys dog yoghurts by clicking here

    See bonus pictures below!

    From left to right: Bojangles, Alfie and Daisy, Betsy, Ernie, Fudge and JD

    From Left to right: Zeke, Teddy and Nellie and a bonus Bojangles

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    Awww love it!! Great idea
    do you have any pos for this product please