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    Meat & Fish

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    Arctic Royal Cooked King Prawns, Tail On (5x907g)

    31-40 p/lb, 907g (590g excluding ice glaze). Frozen King Prawns Tail on with added water. Size, Jumbo

    Arctic Royal IQF Argentinian Red Shrimp (10x1kg)

    Raw, Peeled and deveined Argentinian Red Shrimp, IQF, 20/30 pcs per lb

    Arctic Royal IQF Jumbo King Prawns (10x1kg)

    13-15 pcs/lb frozen count. 700g excluding Ice glaze. Frozen, Raw, Peeled & Deveined.Tail Off, IQF, Vannamei Prawns, Size Jumbo

    Beef - Chuck Tenders, Avg. 1-1.5kg (Avg 1.25kg Wt)

    A delicious cut of beef for slow cooking.

    Beef - Striploin, Half, Boneless, Rolled, 8kg+ (Avg 4.5kg Wt)

    Boneless cut from the short loin that's prized for its flavour and texture.

    Beef - Topside, Centre Cut, Avg. 3-4kg (Avg 3.5kg Wt)

    Lean and tender beef, perfect for roasting.

    Chicken - Livers (Avg 1kg Pack)

    Frozen - British Chicken Livers. Perfect for pan frying, starters or pâté.

    Fenton Barns Cooked Turkey Breast Saddle (3.63kg)

    Frozen. Cooked Formed Turkey Breast with added Potato Starch

    Moorcroft Seafood Fresh Salmon Fillet, Skin On, 200g-225g (4x4)

    Available for delivery Tue - Sat. Our fresh salmon sourced from the North Atlantic, taken straight from the Grimsby dockside. Provided in 200g-225g weight per fillet with the skin on. Packed in 4's with 4 packs per case.

    Moorcroft Seafood Fresh Sea Bass, Skin On, 140g-180g (16)

    Available for delivery Tue - Sat. Sea Bass has a delicate and subtle flavour, with flaky white flesh. The Sea Bass is sourced from the Eastern Mediterranean, presented with skin on at 140g-180g per fillet. Packed in 4's with 4 packs per case.

    Turkey - Butterfly, Half, Rolled, Avg. 2.5kg (Avg 2.5kg Wt)

    Single breast tied and ready to roast. Average Weight: 2.5kg
    Final price will be based on turkey allocated, 2.0 - 3.0kg

    Turkey - Butterfly, Whole, Rolled, Avg. 5kg (Avg 5kg Wt)

    Boneless and tied ready to roast. Average Weight: 5kg
    Final price will be based on turkey allocated, 4.0 - 6.5kg

    Turkey Butterfly (raw) (Avg 4kg Wt)

    Frozen. Halal.