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Ginger Spice & All Things Nice

A slice of indulgent cake alongside a warming latte is hard to resist during the colder months. Latte always tops the most popular coffee lists and works wonderfully with syrups. Tempt your customers to indulge by recommending pairings, here are our top selections.

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The Ginger Carrot

The white chocolate cheesecake filling makes this roulade sensationally satisyfying and sticky. The gingerbread syrup in the latte will help provide a welcome warmth and enhance the flavours in the carrot cake sponge.

The Maple Tree

With delicate chocolate leaves adorning this cake, it is truly a slice of Autumn. A latte topped with whipped cream and drizzled with maple flavoured syrup is the perfect partner.

The Blustery Blueberry

This cake is a luxurious version of the well-loved blueberry muffin. Two layers of moist sponge are filled with buttercream and tangy compote. The vanilla syrup in the latte pairs wonderfully with the sweet buttercream.

The Chocolate Orange (gluten free)

The Bake Shed have mastered the art of creating glorious tasting gluten-free options. No need to stock a standard and gluten-free option, just advertise both on your menu and stock this one product. Chocoholics will be overjoyed with a drizzle of chocolate sauce crowning their creamy latte.

The Spicy Ginger (gluten free)

Ginger spice for 2020. Gluten free sponge with the comfortingly nostalgic flavours of ginger and apple. A touch of gingerbread syrup in the latte will enhance the warmth.

The Coffee Nut (gluten free)

The ultimate coffee infused sponge with walnut pieces and a creamy cappuccino filling. A dash of caramel syrup in the latte will taste fantastic alongside the walnuts in the cake.

The Rhubarb & Custard (gluten free)

Sweet shop memories plus comforting crumble, all in one cake. Adding vanilla syrup to the latte will help to bring out the smooth flavours of the cake's custard filling.

The Pink Snowstorm (gluten free)

Guaranteed to be a hit with lovers of anything pink, the strawberry and raspberry flavours are heavenly with the white chocolate and creamy latte. Pink and white mini marshmallows sprinkled on the latte will add even more appeal.

The Hot Choc-Churros (vegan)

Served piping hot, fresh from the fryer, churros are impossible to resist. Add a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon and serve with a little pot of melted dark chocolate for dunking. An oat milk latte is a satisfying (and vegan) option to savour together with the chocolate dunked churros.

The Nutty Vegan (vegan)

You don't have to be vegan to adore this pairing. All the flavour and goodness of nuts, perfectly matched with naughty salted dark chocolate.

The Veganananarama (vegan & gluten free)

Impossible to pronounce, impossible to ignore. Banana flavour in both the coffee and the cake is unusual but delicious, especially when tasted together with the walnut and cinnamon notes.

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