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    Christmas Turkey

    C.J. Butchers - Turkey Butterfly

    Hand-rolled and tied by our skilled butchers, our whole and half, fresh turkey butterflies are perfect for your Christmas menus. The boneless, double-breast joint is carefully trimmed to only include white meat. Easy to stuff and roll, easy to carve and easy to fit in both your chiller and oven, it is the joint recommended by our Development Chef.

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    Whole or Half?

    Our Development Chef, Mike House, recommends allowing approximately 454g (based on raw weights) for 2 portions. This will provide approximately 160g of cooked turkey per person. Our whole turkey butterflies weigh between 4kg and 6.5kg (approx.) and will provide between 20 and 24 portions (approx.). The half butterflies weigh between 2kg and 3kg and yield 10 to 12 portions (approx.).

    Mike recommends cooking for 20 mins per kg at 180°C and tests with a probe to ensure it is cooked throughout.

    Lunch Time Turkey Baguette

    Have you considered adding a turkey baguette to your lunch menu? A festive Turkey baguette can be hard to resist for many customers this time of year and they can be another useful way of utilizing your turkey butterfly. Our Chef, Mike, created ours showcasing our new Hinged Petit Pain from Planète Pain and new Stokes Cranberry Sauce.

    Here's our recommendation for a top quality turkey baguette.

    C.J. Butchers Turkey Butterfly

    Stokes Cranberry Sauce

    Fresh Mixed Baby Leaves

    Planète Pain Hinged Petit Pain

    The new Hinged Petit Pain roll from Planète Pain is ideal for a quick and easy baguette. Fully baked, white, and pre-sliced. Also known as a hinged Picolo, the rolls come at approximately 19cm long and 110g each. Made using the finest quality French flour. The dough is fermented for extra flavour, with a light crisp crust. Quickly add your sliced turkey butterfly, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a garnish of you're choice and your ready to serve.

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    All crockery and plates sourced from DPS. Contact your area representative for more information on the DPS range.

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