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Christmas - Seasonal Vegetables

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Seasonal Vegetables

This is an ideal selection of vegetables to serve at Christmas to provide a good mix of colours, flavours and textures. Opting for ready prepared vegetables can provide significant benefits during the hectic festive season; saving labour, reducing waste, and greater portion control.

Portion Guide

Don’t be mean with your vegetables, providing a miserly amount may result in a disrupted service if customers complain or demand extra portions.

As a guide, we suggest the following quantities (based on raw product weights).

Selection of 3 Vegetables - Allow 80g of each type of vegetable per person.

Selection of 4 Vegetables - Allow 60g of each type of vegetable per person.

Sliced Carrots & Carrot Batons

Carrots are an extremely cost-effective vegetable. If you are serving two different cuts of carrot, it is a good idea to vary the flavour. The warming notes of cumin really complement the flavour of carrots, just a light sprinkle is required. To enhance the natural sweetness of carrots, sauté in a little butter with sugar. Be cautious of serving carrots too al dente as this can prevent the release of the true carrot taste.

Parsnip Wedges

We favour a combination of ‘thin & crispy’ and ‘plump & fluffy’! Blanch the parsnips and at the same time heat a tray with butter and oil.

Once the butter and oil mixture begins to froth, throw in your blanched parsnips and gently caramelise on the stove top before putting in a hot oven. For a super crispy texture, near to the end of cooking time, sprinkle with thyme then lightly drizzle with honey and return them to the oven for 5 minutes.

Shredded Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is underrated, prepared in the right way it can provide a rich festive colour and flavour, more inspiring than the usual Savoy. One major benefit is that red cabbage can be put in a pan on the stove and kept warm, a crucial factor if you are struggling for space at Christmas as it takes the pressure off the oven

Click here to view our Braised Red Cabbage Recipe.

Brussels Sprouts

Beware of the cross – if you are steaming your Brussels this is not so bad, however, this could be a disaster waiting to happen if you boil your Brussels. Boiling water can creep in to the cross, travelling to the centre of the Brussel and continuing to cook from within even when removed from the heat. This can result in a nasty, mushy, mess. Choose instead to lightly blanch, rapidly cool in iced water, then briefly heat prior to service. Sauté in butter to achieve a caramelised surface and a delicately nutty flavour. Finish with a sprinkle of toasted, flaked almonds or pancetta to enrich the flavour and create a premium appearance.

Brussels Sprouts are available from November.

Cote Hill Yellow

Prefer to do the peeling?

If you are looking for unprepared fresh vegetables, we have a fantastic selection, see the range here.

Fancy frozen?

To see our large range of frozen vegetables including honey glazed parsnips, button sprouts and much more, look here.

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