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Christmas - Perfectly Prepared Potatoes

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Perfectly Prepared Potatoes

We carefully select the varieties of our potatoes as their properties affect their suitability for different applications. To ensure optimum performance, we regularly test in the kitchen, monitoring throughout the seasons. Our quartered potatoes for example, will crisp up well, stay fluffy in the centre and have good flavour.

Fresh Fondant Potatoes

Approximately 70mm diameter and 30mm height. Sold individually, please select the number you require

The fancy fellow of the prepared potato world. They offer great portion control, one fondant per person is just right. It is best to place them directly on the plate instead of grouped in a bowl. Less cooking space is required as they fit neatly on trays (one fondant takes up less cooking space than the equivalent portion of roast potatoes). Slower cooking is the secret, sear first on all sides on the top of the stove in hot butter and oil.

Adding thyme and whole garlic cloves to the butter will provide a wonderful flavour. Classically, fondants should have a poached bottom half and a crispy top half, to achieve this, add meat stock to reach a third of the way up the potato.

During cooking, the stock will reduce and be absorbed, resulting in an impressive meaty flavour, reminiscent of potatoes cooked with a joint. Fondant potatoes will add a special touch to Vegetarian main courses, simply use a vegetable stock instead.

Some chefs prefer to roast fondants in the oven without stock, after being seared, as it produces a crispy surface all over.

Fresh Diced Potatoes

These attractive squares can be fried from raw and finished in a little hot butter to create a roasted appearance, this will replace any fried notes with a buttery flavour. Particularly handy if you are struggling for oven space as you can utilise your fryer. We recommend 200g per person (based on raw weights).

Fresh Potatoes for Roasting

Roast potatoes are a big favourite, so expect requests for more servings from hungry customers.

Make sure you have some spare as it is a cost effective and simple way to keep your customers smiling. Our quartered potatoes and whole peeled potatoes are a superb starting point for rustling up crunchy roasts with a fluffy centre. The halves work best for plated meal presentation as they are quick and easy to stack attractively, simply cut the whole potatoes in half prior to cooking.

The quartered potatoes are the right size for presenting in bowls. If you desire a rustic look, pre-blanch the potatoes, then roughen the edges by shaking the tray before roasting. This method guarantees an irresistible crunchy, crispy surface rather than a smooth blistered surface. For a festive finish, swap your usual oil and butter mix for a rich duck fat. Although this adds expense, it conveys a premium touch when illustrated on your menu.

We recommend 200g per person (based on raw weights). If you want to choose your own portion size, select the number of potatoes that looks right, then weigh, use this weight as your guide throughout the season.

Whole Peeled Potatoes for Mashing

Whole potatoes suitable for mashing, peeled, hand finished and dipped to prevent discolouration.

Fresh Sliced Potatoes

Approximately 2mm thick. Ideal topping for fish pies, hot pots or game casseroles - simply layer on the top. The slices are the essential component for Boulangère potatoes, a classic accompaniment for lamb. Layer the potatoes with sliced onions, for the best results and a better infusion of flavours, sauté the onions with rosemary prior to layering.

Prefer to do the peeling?

If you are looking for unprepared fresh potatoes, we have a fantastic selection, see the range here.

Fancy frozen?

To see our large range of frozen potatoes including roast, sliced, diced and much more, look here.

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