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Christmas - all wrapped up & ready to takeaway

From a full-on Christmas roast to a turkey baguette, we have explored ways of creating and packaging festive favourites. Not everyone will be able to visit your business this year, so why not offer your Christmas menu for people to enjoy at home?


We have used our environmentally friendly Enviroware Bagasse range for our photo’s, but we also have similar sizes in other formats such as foil trays.

See our full offering here.


We love this idea for offering to businesses as an alternative to their Christmas party. As people won’t be able to mingle over a buffet this year, a delivery of Christmas food in a box to offices and workplaces to enjoy together is a brilliant alternative.

Anyone facing a lonely December due to self-isolation would be delighted to order a no-fuss meal with all the trimmings and none of the washing up. Gifting a delivery of a meal to the elderly or those isolating is a great way of family and friends showing they care.

Our 4 in 1 Wooden Meal Kit is a great add-on to offer. The pack includes a wooden fork, knive, spoon and napkin.

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Not just for Christmas day, but a deliciously seasonal roast to savour at any time in November and December. Everyone loves a roast and this solution aimed at feeding a family of four is too tempting to resist. All the comfort of a festive roast without any preparation or cooking required. Packaging this way allows the family to decant on to plates, choosing the portion sizes and components suitable for each family member.

Christmas Dinner for FourChristmas Dinner for Four


Nestling snugly in a burger box, this Yorkshire Pudding is filled with festive favourites. The perfect comfort food with a Christmas twist.

Christmas Yorkshire PuddingChristmas Yorkshire Pudding


We used our Barra Gallega for this photo, but any of our sandwich baguettes are ideal. Load up the baguette with turkey, stuffing, & sliced pigs and don’t forget the cranberry sauce and gravy dipping pot.

Cote Hill YellowCote Hill Yellow


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CJ Butchers - Turkey & Beef

We used a turkey butterfly and a premium topside beef joint carefully prepared in our on-site butchery. Our skilled butchers prepare orders to your specifications. See our butchery joints here.

Our Development chef, Mike House, split the turkey butterfly in half. Stuffing was placed in the centre and then the turkey was positioned around the stuffing before being tied with string in a cylinder shape. Once roasted, the turkey is easy to carve into slices. To see more of Mike’s turkey tips, visit our feature here.

Prepared Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes

If you like using fresh in your kitchen, but you are short of staff or time, our prepared produce is the perfect solution. View the whole offering here.

Vegan Options

Looking for Vegan Takeaway ideas, have a look at our blog post.

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