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    Applewood Smoked Cheddar Cheese (4x1.5kg app)

    Traditional farmhouse cheddar with a delicately smoky flavour & a smooth texture. Dusted with paprika.

    Arran Fine Foods Spiced Fruit Chutney (2.35kg)

    A mild curried, dark orange chutney, with sultanas, apple, onion, apricot & red pepper.

    Brockmoor Red Leicester (4x5kg)

    Brockmoor Red Leicester is a dark red mild cheese which has a nutty flavour with a firm body and a close flaky texture.

    Cote Hill Blue Cheese (1.4kg app)

    Made in Lincolnshire. Rich & creamy with blue veining. Made with unpasteurised milk.

    Cote Hill Yellow Cheese (1.5kg app)

    Made in Lincolnshire. Soft & creamy with a mellow flavour. Made with unpasteurised milk.

    Dambuster Cheese (1.6kg app)

    Made in Lincolnshire. A firm textured, robust cheddar with a black wax. Good bite & acidity with a rich creamy flavour.

    Ilchester British Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries (2x1.5kg)

    Finest Ilchester Wensleydale blended with Cranberrys in a 1.5kg half wheel

    Lincoln Blue Cheese (900g appro)

    A creamy & mature blue-veined cheese. Medium strength with a reasonable bite. Coated in a pale yellow wax to retain moisture. Average weight 800g-1kg

    Long Clawson Blue Stilton Cheese (2x2kg)

    Traditional, smooth and creamy Blue Stilton 1/4. Deep and complex flavours and distinctive blue veins.

    Stokes Fig Relish (2kg)

    A sweet fig relish with a little tartness, brimming with dried figs and made with cider vinegar and molasses. Wonderful with cheese. For a fruity gravy add a generous dollop of Stokes Fig Relish. Made by Stokes in Suffolk.

    Stokes Green Tomato and Apple Chutney (2kg)

    A rich dark chutney made with a special blend of spices, Green Tomatoes and Bramley Apples. Stir a dollop into cream cheese for a tasty sandwich filling or add a spoonful to homemade curries for an aromatic twist.

    Thomas Fudge's Artisan Crackers (21x75g)

    Charcoal Hearts - Savoury wholemeal wheat biscuits with charcoal Malted Wheat Biscuits - Savoury wholemeal wheat biscuits Wheat & Rye Toasts - Savoury wheat and rye biscuits Oat & Chive Crackers - Savoury wheat biscuits with oat & chive Multi-seed Crackers - Savoury wheat biscuits with seeds Beetroot Crackers - Savoury wheat biscuits with beetroot and seeds