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    Chlorinated Machine Dish Detergent (4x5L)

    A highly alkaline, chlorinated liquid. Formulated for use in soft, medium & hard water conditions where tannin is a problem. May be used in all automatic machine dishwashers.

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    Concentrated Lemon WashingUp Liquid (2x5L)

    A highly concentrated manual dishwashing detergent with a fresh lemon fragrance that produces rich long lasting suds. Formulated for the rapid penetration, emulsification and dispersion of heavy grease and soiling.

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    Deepio Washing Up Liquid (2x5L)

    The grease buster. Tough on grease, easy to rinse.

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    Destain Powder (10kg)

    Effective at removing tannin and coffee deposits from tea & coffee urns, plasticware, vending machines & crockery. Based on an environmentally friendly oxygen releasing agent.

    Glass Wash Rinse Aid (2x5L)

    Glass wash rinse aid is safe for use in all types of glasswashing machines. Glasswash rinse aid disperses easily, reduces surface tension, eliminates spotting and decreases drying time without streaking. Very economical in use, suitable for use in both soft and hard water areas.

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    Machine Dishwash Detergent (2x5L)

    A highly active concentrated liquid detergent, for use in automatic dishwashing machines providing outstanding cleaning and economy in use. Safe for both hard and soft water areas. Machine Dishwash efficiently removes tannins and food stains whilst cleaning and maintaining the machine.

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    Machine Glass Wash Detergent (2x5L)

    Specially formulated for use in enclosed glass washing machines. Extremely economical in use. This powerful non-tainting formula removes stubborn soiling such as lipstick, proteins and tomato juice to leave glasses sparkling clean and streak free.

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    Machine Rinse Aid (4x5L)

    For dishwashing & glasswashing machines. Leaves glasses & cutlery free from ?spotting?.

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    Professional Liquid Detergent (5ltr)

    Extra power against dried-on food stains, tea, coffee & lipstick.

    Washing Up Liquid (2x5L)

    An economy manual washing up liquid formulated to quickly cut and emulsify grease. Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak free. Contains additives for spot free rinsing. Special skin softening ingredients reduce irritation and dryness to the hands.

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