Toilet Cleaners and Bleach

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4Ever Fresh Toilet Descaler (4x5L)

A powerful & thick, acid descaler. Removes scale & staining from vitreus ceramic surfaces.

4Ever Fresh Toilet Maintainer (12x1L)

A thick, lemon fragranced toilet maintainer. Easy to use, angle necked bottle.

Channel Blocks (3kg)

Non-pDCB, citrus fragranced urinal channel blocks providing long lasting freshness.

DUCK Liquid Pine (8x750ml)

DUCK Liquid Pine provides complete cleaning for your toilet, leaving it fresh, even under the rim. - Penetrates and dissolves limescale. - Powers through tough stains. - Cleans above and below the waterline. - Eliminates odours.

Essential Bleach (4x5L)

Essential bleach for sanitising, germ kill, stain removal and eradication of malodours at source. Essential bleach is economical in use when diluted at 40:1 for general disinfection and cleaning of floors. It is recommended for neat use for the disinfection and cleaning of drains and toilets.

Pine Disinfectant (2x5L)

A general purpose disinfectant with a fresh, clean pine fragrans. Effective against a range of pathogenic organisms which is safe for the general disinfection of floors, lavatories and walls in schools, nursing homes, offices, vets, medical centres and factories.

Proclean Mango Urinal Screen (6x10)

The Optima Proclean Urinal Screen is effective in eliminating urinal odour. Freshening the urinal by gradually releasing mango fragrance over 30 days. The mat has protrusions which will reduce splash back by 70%.

Thick Bleach (4x5L)

Thick bleach is an ideal product for removing stains, cleaning & disinfecting drains, urinals and lavatories. The viscous formulation provides optimum performance and is effective against mould and mildew stains.

Toilet Cleaner (10x1L)

A toilet cleaner and urinal bowl cleaning solution with a pleasant freshening fragrance to eliminate stale odours. Safe to use on stainless steel and vitreous fixtures.