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    BBQ Jackfruit Spring Rolls (50x25g)

    Cooked jackfruit & apple puree in a sweet BBQ sauces, hand-formed in spring roll pastry.

    Boston Chicken Chowder (2x2kg)

    A thick & creamy, New England style soup. Made with chicken, sweetcorn, potato, white wine & herbs.

    Breaded Brie Wedges (6x24)

    Brie wedges encapsulated in a lightly seasoned batter & a Japanese style breadcrumb.

    Breaded Camembert Rounds (8x10)

    Baby Camembert rounds in a lightly toasted breadcrumb coating.

    Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (6x1kg)

    Mozzarella sticks, coated in peppery breadcrumbs.

    Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (6x1kg)

    Sticks of mozzarella in a rustic breadcrumb & parsley coating.

    Breaded Mushrooms (10x1kg)

    Mushrooms coated in breadcrumbs.

    Brown Lentil with Mushroom & Garlic Pâté (12x450g)

    A sensory and satisfying recipe of earthy mushrooms and nourishing lentils. This pâté is supplied in a block. Suitable for Vegans.

    Camembert Bites (6x1kg)

    Camembert cheese rounds, coated in breadcrumbs.

    Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup (VG) (2x2kg)

    Blended sweet carrot, butternut & coconut, flavoured with garlic & smoked paprika. Fresh frozen with a delicious home-made taste. Made in England using fresh ingredients & top quality stocks.

    Cheese & Chilli Nuggets (6x1kg)

    McCain Menu Signatures. A blend of cheese & chilli peppers in a crispy batter.

    Chicken Liver Parfait (12x85g)

    Free range. Smooth chicken parfait with fine herbs, topped with a redcurrant & spiced cordial glaze. Traditionally handmade using the finest natural ingredients,

    Chicken Liver Pâté (4x454g)

    Free range chicken liver pâté with brandy, port & cranberries. Traditionally handmade using the finest natural ingredients,

    Chicken Satay (3x20x20g)

    Chopped & formed chicken with mild spices. Fully cooked on wooden skewers.

    Chinese Pancakes (10x17x6)

    Chinese style pancakes, perfect for filling with crispy duck and Hoisin sauce. Each pancake is approximately 45mm in diameter. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

    Chinese Style Duck Bon Bons (50x30g)

    Shredded duck in a sweet hoisin sauce coated in crispy breadcrumbs.

    Cocktail Blinis (240x2inch)

    Savoury blinis, approximately 2 inches.

    Cocktail Vol au Vents (12x60)

    Uncooked, puff pastry 2" cases.

    Cranberry & Brie Wontons (50x18g)

    Chunks of diced Brie & cranberry jam wrapped in filo pastry. .

    Crispy Calamari Bites (20x400g)

    Tofu and squid balls, crumbed and covered in a rice paper netting. These award-winning bites from Pacific West are ideal for starters, seafood combination platters or stylish street food dishes.

    Crispy Mushroom Dippers (8x1kg)

    Fresh slices of large flat mushrooms, fully coated in a seasoned batter & crispy breadcrumbs.

    Daloon Savoury Pancake Rolls (40x90g)

    Crispy pancake rolls with a savoury vegetable & beef filling.

    Daloon Sweet Potato Falafel (90x22g)

    Made with sweet potato, chickpeas, tomato, apricot & a blend of spices. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

    Daloon Vegetable Pancake Rolls (40x90g)

    Crispy spring rolls with vegetable filling.

    Daloon Vegetable Samosas (40x70g)

    Samosas with spiced vegetable filling.

    Duck Liver Parfait with Cointreau (12x85g)

    Free range. Rich duck & zesty orange with a Cointreau glaze. Traditionally handmade using the finest natural ingredients,

    Duck Liver Pâté with Apricots & Apricot Brandy (Piping Bag) (3 x500g)

    Sweet, soft fruit tumble around this rich Duck liver Pâté . A handmade pâté made from British Free Range Duck Liver.

    Duck Spring Rolls (50x20g)

    Duck & hoi sin sauce, wrapped in pastry.

    Falafel Balls (2x2kg)

    Falafel balls made from chickpeas, onions, & seasoning.

    Farmhouse Chicken Pâté (4x454g)

    Medium coarse style pâté with smoked bacon, free range chicken liver, pork mince, & mixed herbs. Traditionally handmade using the finest natural ingredients,

    Feta & Spinach Samosa (50x30g)

    A rich, hand-formed mix of feta & spinach in a crisp spring roll pastry.

    Fig & Goat's Cheese Parcels (25x30g)

    Sweet figs mixed with goats cheese & herbs, wrapped in a pastry parcel.

    Garlic Breaded Mushrooms (10x1kg)

    Garlic mushrooms in a breadcrumb coating.

    Gluten Free & Vegan Moroccan Style Cauli Bites (3x1kg)

    Cauliflower florets coated in gluten-free and Vegan Moroccan style spiced quinoa breadcrumbs. Florets range in weight from approximately 15 to 35g each. Perfect for starters, snacks and sharing platters.

    Halloumi Fries (6x1kg)

    Sticks of Halloumi in a batter & breadcrumb coating.

    Ham Hock & Pea Terrine (3x500g)

    Pressed terrine with slow cooked ham hock, peas, mustard & honey.

    Indian Snack Selection Box (3x20x30g)

    20 Onion Bhajis (30g), 20 Spinach Pakoras (30g), 20 Vegetable Samosas (30g), 20 Tamarind Sauce (25g).

    Jalapeno Cream Cheese Peppers (6x1kg)

    Fiery green peppers, stuffed with cooling cream cheese & coated in golden breadcrumbs.

    Mac 'n' Cheese Bites (6x1kg)

    A blend of cooked pasta, extra mature cheddar & cream cheese, coated in light breadcrumbs.

    Mango & Brie Pastry Parcels (25x30g)

    Filo pastry parcels packed with exotic mango blended with Brie cheese.

    Medium Vol au Vents (18x12)

    Unbaked. Puff pastry 2½" vol-au vent cases

    Mini Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pies (10x6x31g)

    Diced chicken, bacon and leek in a creamy sauce made with a short crust pastry base and puff pastry top. Frozen and unbaked.

    Mini Minced Steak and Ale Pies (10x6x31g)

    Minced steak in a rich ale gravy, encased in a short crust pastry base and puff pastry top. Frozen and unbaked.

    Mini Pie Selection (2x24)

    A mixed pack of rady-cooked mini pies, perfect for buffets, canapes and parties. 24 of each flavour: - Beef & Ale - Chicken & Tarragon

    Mini Quiche Selection (4x12)

    A selection of traditional mini quiches, made with British free-range eggs, mature Cheddar and served in a golden shortcrust pastry. 12 of each flavour: - Tomato & Basil - Cheese, Onion & Chive - Mushroom & Cheddar - Stilton & Broccoli

    Mini Vegetable Samosas (80x30g)

    Samosas with spiced vegetable filling.

    Onion Bhajis (50x30g)

    Sliced onions bound together with a traditional spicy batter.

    Onion Bhajis (50x35g)

    Indian style snacks made with fresh onions & authentic spices.

    Pea & Ham Soup (2x2kg)

    A non-blended pea soup with pieces of ham. Fresh frozen soups with a delicious home-made taste. Made in England using fresh ingredients & top quality stocks.

    Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime (Piping Bag) (3 x500g)

    Peppered Mackerel Pâté with Lime in a handy piping bag. Crashing waves of flavour from rich mackerel, shards of pepper and zesty lime. Hand-made in small batches, without artificial colouring, additives or preservatives. The piping bag makes it easy for filling ramekins and canape cases.

    Pork Farms Buffet Savoury Eggs (20x4)

    Chopped & seasoned sausage meat, shaped into balls & filled with creamy egg mayonnaise. Coated in light, crunchy, golden breadcrumbs. Approximate diameter 3 to 4 cm, 18g each.

    Smoked Salmon & Crayfish Mousse (12x85g)

    Oval shaped smoked salmon mousse with a zesty lemon & crayfish centre on a bed of smoked salmon. Traditionally handmade using the finest natural ingredients,

    Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels (1x45)

    Mini bagels generously filled with a delicious cream cheese and a roll of smoked salmon.

    Traditional Chicago Canapes (1x48)

    An assortment of thaw 'n' serve canapés, 6 each of 8 varieties:
    • Mandarin & prune with smoked duck on white bread
    • Artichoke & tomato on white bread
    • Prawn, basil-flavoured cheese & tomato mini brioche
    • Blue cheese (fourme d'Ambert), pear & fig on special grain bread
    • Trout roe, smoked trout & cucumber on black bread
    • Vegetables on Nordic bread
    • Ham & fig butter on olive bread
    • Smoked salmon, lemon-flavoured cheese & cucumber mini brioche

    Traditional Prawn Toast (80x18g)

    Triangles of bread with a prawn mix & hint of ginger, topped with sesame seeds.

    Tuscan Tomato & Basil Soup (2x2kg)

    A creamy soup with a full tomato flavour & back notes of red pepper. Fresh frozen soups with a delicious home-made taste. Made in England using fresh ingredients & top quality stocks.

    Vegan Cauliflower, Lentil & Spinach Soup (2 x 2kg)

    Lightly spiced soup with chunky-cut vegetables and lentils. Made with lemongrass, red chilli, mustard seeds and coconut milk. A hearty mix of cauliflower, butternut squash and potatoes. Perfect as a Vegan starter or as a warming lunch served with freshly baked bread.

    White Bean Minestrone Soup (2 x 2kg)

    Cooked frozen minestrone with tomato, red peppers, mixed vegetable and cannellini beans seasoned with wine vinegar, garlic, herbs and spices

    Wild Mushroom Soup (2x2kg)

    A rich & creamy soup with an intense mushroom flavour & a touch of garlic. Fresh frozen soups with a delicious home-made taste. Made in England using fresh ingredients & top quality stocks.

    Yakitori Chicken Skewers (5x250g)

    Cooked & chargrilled pieces of chicken leg meat in Yakitori glaze on wooden skewers.

    Yorkshire Carrot & Coriander Soup (2x2kg)

    Carrot & coriander soup with sweet potatoes & red peppers. Fresh frozen soups with a delicious home-made taste. Made in England using fresh ingredients & top quality stocks.

    Yorkshire Pudding Canapes (48x14g)

    Mini Yorkshire pudding filled with tasty, British minced beef and topped with a traditional horseradish cream.