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    Speciality Oils

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    Bakespray (12x500ml)

    Vegetable oil in an aerosol spray for easy release & surface oil in baking.

    Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (4x5L)

    Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is produced at the family farm in Northamptonshire, it is grown to LEAF marque standards. Brilliantly versatile in the kitchen, with a high smoke point of around 230?C, Rich in Omega 3. It can be used for roasting & stir-frying as well as dressings, fish & pestos. Its subtle nutty taste allows the flavour of foods to come through. It is also an ideal & healthy substitute to margarine when baking cakes, puddings & biscuits.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3x5L)

    Made from fresh olives grown in the Andalucia region of south Spain. La Espanola blends the oils from Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca olives.

    Gomo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (12x1L)

    Extra virgin olive oil.

    Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6x500ml)

    A premium quality, lemon infused extra virgin olive oil from Liguria, Italy.

    Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6x500ml)

    A premium quality, basil infused extra virgin olive oil.

    Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6x500ml)

    A premium quality, chilli infused extra virgin olive oil.

    Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6x500ml)

    A premium quality, garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.

    Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil (3x2L)

    Traditionally oak smoked for 48 hours, Farrington's Mellow Yellow Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil creates a rich & complex flavour that's great for adding a smoky depth to any dish.

    Sesame Oil (6x500ml)

    Toasted sesame oil.

    Whirl Vegetable Oil (3x4L)

    A liquid vegetable oil butter substitute. Cooks like butter but with no spitting or scorching, no waiting for butter to melt, & no need to refrigerate. Use in any sweet or savoury dish where the recipe calls for butter, adds a touch of indulgence when used instead of vegetable oil or margarine.

    White Truffle Oil (6x250ml)

    Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle.