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    Speciality Breads

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    Chimichurri Sabarosa Flatbread (25x130g)

    Baked. The chimichurri inspired flatbreads incorporate Argentinian flavours such as cayenne pepper, oregano & kibbled onion for added sweetness. Docked by hand, these flatbreads are made using 100% British flour & premium Kentish rapeseed oil.

    Ciabatta (20x220g)

    Fully baked. Long Ciabatta bread. Use for a variety of purposes, toasted as a panini, as a sandwich carrier, as a bruschetta base, or simply buttered.

    Ciapanini Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Versatile, hand-pulled, ciabatta-style panini rolls. Serve cold or warm in a traditional panini press.

    Eden Burger Buns Glazed (45x90g)

    Baked. Glazed Vegan buns, ideal as a burger carrier. The recipe includes a touch of potato to create a light eat.

    Glazed, Seeded & Sliced Brioche Bun (48x90g)

    A free range egg and pure butter glazed brioche bun topped with rich flavoured golden linseeds. Just right for those gourmet burgers.

    Individual Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Made with extra-virgin olive oil & British flour. Hand finished appearance & traditional open texture. Oblong shape.

    Large Glazed Brioche Hot Dog Rolls (36x95g)

    Made with 100% free range eggs & pure butter. Sweet, buttery & light.

    Malted Ciapanini Rolls (40x100g)

    Fully baked Malted Ciapanini rolls. A malted version of the popular cross between a ciabatta and a panini roll. Lovely malted flavour that works well with a large variety of fillings.

    Mini Brioche Sliders (60x30g)

    Baked. Mini brioche slider rolls made with free range eggs & butter. Rich, light, puffy & buttery, slightly sweet with a golden crust. Made with British flour.

    Mini Multigrain Tin Loaves (48x55g)

    Baked. Miniature multigrain tin loaves. Made with British flour.

    Mini Onion Tin Loaves (48x55g)

    Baked. Miniature tin loaves with onion pieces. Made with British flour.

    Mini White Tin Loaves (48x55g)

    Baked. Miniature white tin loaves. Made with British flour.

    Round Ciabatta Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Round shaped Ciabatta rolls with a rustic appearance. Ideal as a carrier for gourmet burgers. Made with British flour.

    Sourdough & Onion Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Delicious as a burger bun or as a sandwich carrier. Hand-shaped & rustically presented. Rich sourdough flavour & hint of onion.

    Sourdough Rolls (40x100g)

    Baked. Rustic rolls with a crunchy, crisp crust & soft interior. Mildly sour flavour & light, airy texture.

    Sundried Tomato & Basil Focaccia (40x100g)

    Baked. Mediterranean style rolls, hand dipped in basil infused extra virgin oil. Fragrant aroma & crispy crust. Made with British flour.

    Tennessee Grillhouse Buns (45x80g)

    Fully baked and unsliced. Southern BBQ style rustic burger buns made with dough containing a dash of red malt. Each bun has an authentic wrinkled top which differentiates them from 'perfect' brioche style buns. The buns are topped with a mix of poppy and sesame seeds for extra bite and a nutty flavour.