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    Schiacciata Romana MultiGrain Flatbread Pre-Sliced (32)

    Schiacciata is a traditional Italian flat bread. A type of focaccia made from a mix of wholewheat, rye flour, spelt, extra virgin olive oil, millet, linseeds and sunflower seeds. Baked on stone, the bread has an open crumb structure. Ideal as sandwich carrier. Frozen and pre-sliced. Each piece is approximately 100g.
    Code: 36996
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    15mm Chip Shop Chips (Original with all sizes) (5kg)

    Whole potatoes peeled, knife finished, then cut into15mm chips. The whole potato is passed through the machine and we include all pieces, including the thin and small pieces. This results in a 'traditional' chip shop style with small crispy pieces alongside the 15mm chips. Prepared with care in our on-site fresh produce preparation facility.

    Sliced Roast Gammon Ham (15x500g)

    Cured 100% gammon ham, produced from whole pork legs. Roasted, cooked and sliced.

    Enviro Black Paper Straws (24x150)

    Made from high quality Kraft paper, the paper straws are produced from FSC certified sources. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable when disposed of in the correct commercial facilities. They function well after 20 minutes submersion in liquid & are suitable for all drinks including smoothies.