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    Nuts and Fruit

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    Pitted Prunes (4x3kg)

    Whole pitted sorbated prunes. They are a brownish to black colour with an oval to round shape. Sweet and fruity flavour with a soft and chewy texture. The stones removed for extra convenience and enjoyment.

    Raisins (4x3kg)

    Raisins are packed with natural fruit sugars and are a great source of energy. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals.

    Dried Mixed Fruit (4x3kg)

    Mixed fruit is a delicious blend of juicy sultanas and candied citrus peels. It can be used in bakery recipes to add tangy sweetness to cakes, breads, buns and tray bakes.

    Red Glace Cherries (6x1kg)

    Rich in colour, juicy and delicious our cherries will add moisture and definition to cakes and biscuits.

    Opies Red Cocktail Cherries (2x1.7kg)

    Finest red cherries, preserved in a Maraschino flavoured syrup. Perfect for cocktails.

    Whole Blanched Almonds (6x1kg)

    Whole blanched almonds have had their thin, russet coloured skins removed making them smooth in texture. They are perfect for making your own almond flour, almond paste, and other treats!

    Currants (4x3kg)

    Currants are dried, black seedless grapes with an intense flavour. They are often used for scones, buns, cakes or puddings.

    Dried Apricots (4x3kg)

    Dried soft Apricots.Characteristic orange/yellow appearance.Sweet with some sharpness and fruity flavour.Firm with body not tough or soggy

    Flaked Almonds (6x1kg)

    Naturally moist and flavoursome our Flaked Almonds are suitable for cake decorations and dessert topping. A great addition to your home-made muesli or snack mixes, in confectionery and much more.

    Ground Almonds (6x1kg)

    Ground almonds have a lovely nutty flavour whilst having a high calcium content. Sometimes known as almond meal, ground almonds are particularly popular with customers on gluten-free diets.

    Walnut Halves (6x1kg)

    Walnuts are a high source of protein, fibre and nutrients. Healthy and tasty, walnuts are great as a snack or addition to food, cooking or desserts.

    Pine Nuts (6x1kg)

    Our pine nuts have a delicate sweet and nutty flavor that complements many recipes. Commonly used for pesto-making, salad topping as well as in pasta meals and in stir-fries.

    Cashew Nuts (6x1kg)

    Our cashew nuts are creamy, buttery and nutty in flavour. Try adding to curries, cakes and bread for added crunch. They work particularly well when added to banana bread or mixed into a nut roast.

    Pistachio Nuts (6x1kg)

    Pistachios are used to garnish and add a savoury, nutty crunch to pasta and salads. Our shelled pistachios will lend an richness and depth to your cooking, whether that be sweet or savoury

    Hazelnuts (6x1kg)

    Hazelnuts suit both sweet and savoury cooking. They are most commonly known for appearing in muesli mixes, flapjacks and chocolate bars. This nut is a nutritious ingredient containing good levels of Vitamin E, Choline and fibre.

    Dried Cranberries (6x1kg)

    Juicy cranberries ideal for baking or eating on their own.

    Pecan Nuts (6x1kg)

    Our Pecan nuts have a sweet nuttiness that is just begging to be used in puddings and all things sweet. They work particularly well alongside roasted and caramel flavours like Maple Syrup and Coffee.

    Whole Chestnuts (10x500g)

    Cooked chestnuts in a pouch.

    Blanched Peanuts (10x1kg)

    Whole and half peanut kernels blanched by steaming.

    Desiccated Coconut (6x1kg)

    Buchanans' fine desiccated coconut is a versatile form of pure coconut, which can be added to wide variety of recipes, both sweet and savoury. It also makes a pretty and tasty garnish for both cakes and biscuits.

    Sultanas (4x3kg)

    Sultanas have a delicate flavour and are noted for their natural sweetness. They can be used for baking, snacking or as a topping on breakfast cereals.

    Pitted Dates (4x3kg)

    A highly versatile natural sweetener for cakes, bakes, porridge and puddings. Useful for adding moisture and sweetness to gluten free baking with the stones/pits removed to make life easier!