Middleton Foods

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Brown Bread & Roll Mix (4x3.5kg)

A light textured, complete brown bread mix. Add water. Suitable for making rolls, loaves & pizza dough. Yeast included. 3.5kg makes 107 x 57g dough portions or 13 x 454g loaves.

Chocolate Sponge Mix (4x3.5kg)

Versatile rich chocolate sponge cake, made with real cocoa. Add water. Suitable for making tray bake, sponge cakes & loaf cakes. 3.5 kg Bag makes 92 x 57 g portions.

Flapjack Mix (4x3.5kg)

Rich oaty flapjack mix with a smooth golden syrup taste that makes moist, chewy & sweet flapjacks. Add water. 3.5 kg Bag makes 67 x 57 g portions.

Fudge Brownie Mix (4x3.5kg)

Rich fudge chocolate brownie mix, add water. Produces chewy fudge brownies, suitable for adding chocolate chips or nuts etc. 3.5 kg Bag makes 71 x 57 g dough portions.

Plain Muffin Mix (4x3.5kg)

Fluffy plain muffin mix with a creamy vanilla flavour, add water & oil. Makes soft moist muffins or muffin loaf. 3.5 kg Bag makes 91 x 65g portions.

Yorkshire Pudding Batter Mix (4x3.5kg)

A complete Yorkshire pudding mix, add water. Produces light & crispy Yorkshire puddings. 3.5 kg Bag makes 100 x 100ml portions of uncooked batter (100 x 4" puddings).