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    Nurtured in Norfolk Micro Leaf Celery (25g)

    Best suited for savoury dishes, Celery micro cress is intended to be used raw as a garnish. Like lots of our other micro herbs, this is because it will wilt if exposed to high heats. This micro cress can be used alone as a garnish, or it can be mixed with other microgreens to make a flavourful micro salad garnish. You can also garnish sandwiches, stir fries and soups with this microgreen to give a peppery bite. Not only can it be used to garnishes dishes, Micro Celery cress can also be used to dress drinks such as a Bloody Mary. This flavourful micro cress pairs well with fish including tuna and crab, as well as herbs such as Chervil and Parsley.
    Code: V1274