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    Nurtured in Norfolk Watercress Micro-leaves (100g)

    Micro Watercress is dainty in size and therefore the perfect garnish for a variety of canapés and appetisers. Micro Watercress is a lot smaller than Baby Watercress. That being said, one or two shoots can be placed perfectly on small foods and dishes. They can also be used as a raw garnish to float on creamy soups, steaks and meat dishes, as well as sandwiches and cheeseboards. A handful of these microgreen shoots can be tossed together with other micro herbs like Micro Red Vein Sorrel and Micro Rocket, to make a flavourful micro cress side salad. Micro Watercress compliments ingredients such as eggs and avocado. As well as tomatoes, garlic, cheese, balsamic vinegar, ham and beetroot.
    Code: V2114