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Thick Bleach (4x5L)

Thick bleach is an ideal product for removing stains, cleaning & disinfecting drains, urinals and lavatories. The viscous formulation provides optimum performance and is effective against mould and mildew stains.

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Toilet Cleaner (10x1L)

A toilet cleaner and urinal bowl cleaning solution with a pleasant freshening fragrance to eliminate stale odours. Safe to use on stainless steel and vitreous fixtures.

Triangle Crayons (200)

Packs of 3 coloured (red, green, blue) triangle shaped crayons. The perfect shape not to roll off tables.

Use By Food Labels (500)

Square shaped. 51mmx51mm. Method of simplifying inventory processes and ensuring proper food rotation procedures. MoveMark Labels are FDA approved for indirect food contact and include detach-tab technology for easy removal without adhesive residue. Great For: prep containers and food rotation containers. Materials: MoveMark Labels have a removable adhesive with Detach-Tab Technology. MoveMark Day of the Week Labels meet FDA requirements for indirect food contact. Working Temperature Range: -40° F to 160° F. Minimum Application Temperature: 10° F.

Utensil Washing Machines Descaler (4x5L)

Hydrochloric acid based descaler. Removes limescale, protein & stone deposits from machine dishwashers, water coolers & air conditioning filters.

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Washing Up Liquid (2x5L)

An economy manual washing up liquid formulated to quickly cut and emulsify grease. Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak free. Contains additives for spot free rinsing. Special skin softening ingredients reduce irritation and dryness to the hands.

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Washroom Cleaner (4x5L)

Disinfects, deodorises & degreases. Suitable for use on most hard surfaces. Manufactured to standard of BS EN 1276 testing.

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White Toilet Rolls (10x4)

- 2ply - 104mm

Window & Glass Cleaner (6x750ml)

Window & Glass Cleaner rapidily removes film, dust, fingerprints and greasy soiled marks from windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, windscreens and many other common surfaces.

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Z-Fold Hand Towels (20x150)

Sapphie Z-Fold White Hand Towels provides a soft and gentle feel whilst remaining strong and absorbent.