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    Sliced Coppa (12x250g)

    Sliced Coppa is a dry cured sliced pork loin. Chosen by the finest chefs and consumers for its high quality taste, tenderness and rich flavor.

    Spanish Tapas (8x120g)

    3 Serrano Ham Slices (50g) 6 Chorizo Slices (35g) 6 Salchichón Slices (35g)

    Chorizo Gran Doblon (2x2kg)

    Paprika marinated meat, chorizo is a staple of spanish cuisine. Perfect in sandwiches or as a part of a tapas or charcuterie spread.

    Sliced Pepperoni (11x1kg)

    Sliced pepperoni, perfect to top on a variety of dishes. With a robust, smoky and slightly spicy flavor, it has a firm, dry texture and notes of fennel, red pepper, anise and rosemary. Each resealable package contains 96 slices or about 6 slices per ounce.

    Sliced Prosciutto Crudo (6x500g)

    Sliced Prosciutto Crudo, approximately 25 slices per 500g pack.

    Sliced Serrano Ham (6x300g)

    This Serrano ham - or Jamon, to give it its Spanish name - is made from the finest pork meat. It's got a delicious salty flavour and is ideal for serving as a starter on crackers or with some sliced bread.18 slices per pack.

    Sliced Salami Milano (6x250g)

    For those who enjoy milder, more aromatic salamis, this is the one for you. Made from pork shoulder, the salami has a rosy color and flecks of white fat. It has a firm texture that makes it easy to slice or crumble. Salami Milano offers an excellent balance of sweet and spicy flavors with a hint of garlic. Serve it on its own or with other antipasti -- it truly is one of Italy's finest treasures.

    Italian Antipasto (8x120g)

    Italian Antipasti Selection is the ideal way to introduce Italian food and culture to your guests. This assortment of sliced prosciutto crudo, salami milano and coppa are all authentic Italian cured meats that will have your guests talking about them for weeks to come

    Chorizo Cubes (4x500g)

    Diced Chorizo, great in pasta or stews.

    Sliced Italian Pancetta (8x250g)

    A cured, salted & spiced meat made from pork belly. Cook before serving.

    Sliced Chorizo (6x300g)

    The secret to a perfect tapas spread, these chorizo slices are seasoned with a mixture of spices and paprika, giving them an unforgettable taste.

    Sliced Parma Ham (4x320g)

    Sliced Parma Ham