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    No 1 in Spain

    Charcuterie is deeply ingrained in Spanish culture, and we are passionate about our products. That’s why we are bringing our authentic, traditional products to the UK, so you can create the true taste of Spain in your dishes.

    Campofrio is the leading European producer of continental meats and charcuterie and the world leader in the production of Jamon Serrano, producing 3 million pieces of Serrano per year.


    • All our products are made with a careful selection of raw materials, combined with manufacturing processes that have been inherited from local traditions.
    • We are proud to be approved by the most demanding standards for quality, hygiene, and origin.
    • We have international safety and quality standards throughout the entire supply chain.
    • All manufacturing sites have a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certificate.

    Authentic/ Heritage/ Provenance

    • Campofrio is the No1 brand in Spain.
    • Our products are made in Spain with intention, care, and knowledge.
    • Campofrio reflects the Spanish culture's traditions and the most appreciated Spanish values - taste, enjoyment, and Spanish lifestyle.


    • We are committed to caring for the environment and being socially responsible.
    • Our 2025 Sustainability Goals are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and include the four pillars:
      • Health & Nutrition
      • Environment
      • Wellbeing
      • Shared Value
    • Our values are responsibility, transparency, and reliability.
    • Through our actions, we want to contribute to positive and sustainable development of life, including welfare and health of animals, wellbeing and health of customers, sustainability of farmers and farm production and protection of our environment.


    • We have a dedicated technical team to ensure all products are made to the same consistent high quality whilst managing the technical data for all products.

    Products in the range include Serrano Ham, Spanish Tapas Selection, Sliced Chorizo and Cooking Chorizo.

    Campofrio is part of Sigma’s brand portfolio. Established in 1980, Sigma Alimentos is a global leading food company with significant presence in eight European countries and export their products to a further 60 countries worldwide.

    Sigma is passionate about quality and dedicated to bringing authentic products with European provenance to the UK market. A socially responsible business, Sigma is committed to caring for the environment and proud to be approved by the most demanding standards for quality, hygiene, and origin.

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    Campofrio Sliced Chorizo (6x300g)

    The secret to a perfect tapas spread, these chorizo slices are seasoned with a mixture of spices and paprika, giving them an unforgettable taste.

    Campofrio Sliced Serrano Ham (6x300g)

    This Serrano ham - or Jamon, to give it its Spanish name - is made from the finest pork meat. It's got a delicious salty flavour and is ideal for serving as a starter on crackers or with some sliced bread.18 slices per pack.

    Campofrio Spanish Tapas (8x120g)

    3 Serrano Ham Slices (50g) 6 Chorizo Slices (35g) 6 Salchichón Slices (35g)

    Chorizo Gran Doblon (2x2kg)

    Paprika marinated meat, chorizo is a staple of spanish cuisine. Perfect in sandwiches or as a part of a tapas or charcuterie spread.

    Chorizo Ring Dulce (16x225g)

    Mild Chorizo