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    Breckland Orchard

    I’m Claire, founder and owner of Breckland Orchard soft drinks. I started the company with the simple aim of making the best soft drinks ever, and the clutch of Great Taste Awards that we’ve been given by the Guild of Fine Foods hopefully shows we’re doing a pretty good job.

    I started the business in Spring 2009, after years working for a big chocolate company. Much as I loved it, when I had my two children I knew that I wanted to start my own business closer to home. I started thinking back to the fabulous lemonade my granny Jessie had made me as a child, and I decided to replicate it.

    Right from the outset I decided to focus entirely on food service. So my drinks aren’t sold in the supermarkets, instead we sell to cafes, restaurants and hotels that are equally passionate about great food and drink. Over the years, the supermarkets have continued to ask, and we’ve continued to tell them politely ‘no’. All our cases have stamped on them – proud to not supply supermarkets.

    The range at Breckland Orchard is inspired by things I cook and bake at home. Combinations such as Plum and Cherry, Strawberry and Rhubarb and Sloe and Rose Lemonade. Our Ginger Beer with Chilli is a super mellow warming flavour that combines especially well with food. And our Zero Sugar Elderflower tastes so good, people find it hard to believe its 0 calories per bottle. But please don’t ask me to name my favourite flavour – that would be like choosing your favourite child. I don’t make anything that I don’t personally love, and that’s been a good mantra to run the business on.

    I love what I do. Even 13 years since I started the joy of seeing my drinks on a menu never fades, and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they enjoy my drinks makes me burst with pride.

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    Cloudy Lemonade (12x275ml)

    Our signature Cloudy Lemonade, fabulously refreshing and deliciously zingy! Cloudy Lemonade was the flavour that inspired the whole idea of Breckland Orchard. Our Breckland Orchard Cloudy Lemonade will have your whole mouth bursting with flavour. Judges at the Great Taste Awards gave it a massive thumbs up and commented "Judges love the gentle carbonation which works with the lemon very well. Most refreshing, light and not overly sweetened' It's best served chilled, and over ice. Perfect for lazy summer days, or when you want to enjoy some serious refreshment. it's heavenly as a mixer too! Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Cream Soda & Rhubarb (12x275ml)

    A classic soft drink - with a modern twist! It's creamy, vanilla-y, with just a little smidgen of Rhubarb to really set the flavours off. A gently carbonated soft drink, made with a base of spring water. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Dandelion & Burdock (12x275ml)

    Our 21st-century interpretation of a great British classic soft drink! We think you will love it! The Breckland Orchard range contains no artificial colours, and Dandelion and Burdock is no different. As a result it's slightly lighter in hue than other brands - and I would say even more fabulous as a result. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Ginger Beer with Chilli (12x275ml)

    Ginger beer with just a kick of chilli at the end, it won't blow your head off but it will give you a lovely tingle in your tastebuds. We use citrus in the recipe, so you get a nice burst of citrus flavour, then the zing of Ginger and finally, just the gentlest tingle of Chilli at the back of your mouth. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Pear & Elderflower (12x275ml)

    Delicious pear and delicate elderflower combine to make a match made in heaven. Could we take the basic taste of elderflower and twist it with something to make a new classic? Pear was the obvious answer, and we are so glad we did! A gently carbonated soft drink, made with a base of spring water. The floral notes dance around your mouth and really quench a thirst. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Plum & Cherry (12x275ml)

    We love plums, we love cherries, and mixed together they really are quite divine! A gently carbonated soft drink, made with a base of spring water. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Posh Pop Elderflower (12x275ml)

    Delicate, floral and utterly wonderful, a drink to refresh and delight the palate! Great Taste Award winner. A gently carbonated soft drink, made with a base of spring water. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Posh Pop Lighter Cloudy Lemonade (12x275ml)

    A classic zingy Lemonade with no added sugar. It was the love of Lemonade that started the whole Breckland Orchard story. With 5 calories per bottle, the only sugars come from the naturally occuring fruit sugars, Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Posh Pop Lighter Elderflower (12x275ml)

    Delicious sparkling Elderflower with no added sugar. Wonderful floral notes dance around the mouth and really refresh a thirst, with no added sugar and zero calories per serving its one treat you can enjoy without any guilt whatsoever. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Sloe Lemonade (12x275ml)

    Our grown up lemonade is slightly tarter than our Cloudy Lemonade and with an added touch of sloe! It's the wonderful pink hue of our sloe lemonade that attracts people and then they taste it and they are smitten [it's hard not to be!. The inspiration for this one came from Sloe Gin mixed with our Cloudy Lemonade. Glass bottles, screw caps.

    Strawberry & Rhubarb (12x275ml)

    We like to think of this as the quintessential summer in a bottle. It really doesn't matter what happens to the weather, this drink is bursting with summer flavours. It's made with a base of spring water and then just gently carbonated for a light sparkle. The flavours of Strawberry and Rhubarb are perfectly balanced - just enough of each and just a slight touch of vanilla to really bring out the taste. Glass bottles, screw caps.